Massachusetts Couple Donates $2,500 To Food Pantry In A Fake Can


We all hear stories of people who strike it rich. Well, sometimes, people leave money in places they never imagined anyone would find. In some cases, they hide it so well that they even forget where they put it. Such was the case with a Massachusetts couple.

The Middleton Food Pantry receives donations from around the state to help those in need. The manager, Frank Leary, has never received a call as he did on Friday. Amanda Mattuchio’s parents cleared out their canned goods and sent them to the pantry. The one thing they forgot was that they had a fake soup can with thousands of dollars in it.

By the time the generous couple realized that their stash was gone, their donation was probably in someone else’s home. Leary received the call from Amanda frantic to find the cash. Leary stated that they receive thousands of cans from all over the place and could be just about anywhere. The food pantry searched all over for the soup to help the elderly couple. Unfortunately, none of the cans in the pantry currently were fake and loaded with money.

The Campbells Tomato Soup can is worth about $2,500. Boston 25 News reported that the can had both $100 and $50 bills. The Middleton Police Department realized what a loss this was for the family. They have contacted the Mattuchio’s to see if there is anything they can do to help. Mr. Mattuchio stated that he hoped someone would be honest and give the money back.

Spotting a fake can is easy. They look normal, but the weight would be entirely different than one filled with condensed soup.That money was all the savings this couple had. Their “rainy day fund” walked right out the door, and they did not even realize it.

Mr. Mattuchio told the news that if the person was not going to bring it back to them, then he hoped that they used it to make their life better. It is possible that the can of soup is sitting in someone’s house, and they do not even realize that it is loaded. You can guarantee one thing, anyone who got soup from that pantry was checking their cabinets to see if they had a can of green rather than some tomato soup.


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