Market America Products and the Home Shopping Revolution




Home shopping has grown exponentially in the recent years, and Market America products are at the forefront of it. In fact, they have spearheaded some of the most innovative ways to shop. Through the Facebook Shopbox, close community relationships, market-trending exclusive products, and the power of Shopping Annuity, Market America is driving the new wave of the home shopping revolution. Market America is not stopping soon, and that’s evident by the billions of dollars of revenue under its belt. Through, Market America is making shopping more meaningful and rewarding, on both personal and monetary levels.

The Facebook Shopbox has combined some of the most exciting and connective parts of our lives – social media and shopping. If you’re a Market America UnFranchise owner, you can use it to add product listings to your Facebook posts, and customers can make purchases right then and there. Shopbox is an easy way to connect as an owner and consumer of the Market America products while being social online. As a Market America UnFranchise owner, you can really tailor this for your audience, creating a meaningful shopping experience.


Recently, large chain stores have replaced much of the shopping we used to do to support our local economies. These chain stores provide cheaper prices, but we lose the personal touch in the process. And even more recently, we’ve begun to purchase online, which has run some of the chain stores out of business. Online shopping has its obvious perks, letting us research and purchase items without stepping outside. Not only is shopping at home and online more convenient, but it also made for some strong community relationships. Market America UnFranchise owners have a commitment to their steady customers. As a service-provider, each of them has a responsibility to their local community, and this accountability makes customer service a vital component of shopping with Market America.


Market America works on the principles of a small community business. But they’ve taken the best aspects from the different ways of shopping. Market America products have combined the convenience of online shopping with the personal touch of the small business with the prices of those big stores. Combined, these components make a key player in the online shopping revolution. Imagine purchasing your favorite high-quality goods online from someone you know and trust – that’s Market America. When you use, you’re participating in a tight-knit and committed community of innovating thinkers. Market America UnFranchise owners understand that the future of shopping is in the hands of the consumers. You can feel good purchasing from your family and friends, and you can know that the products you buy are high-quality. When you buy products through Market America, you’re not just responding to a corporation selling their goods, you’re responding to personalized and trusted opinions from real people. You’re just not going to get that kind of attention from shopping with competitors.


With the Market America UnFranchise business, owners and customers get optimized, community-benefitting shopping. Not only does everyone involved have the chance to form personal relationships, but the prices are competitive. Market America products also have many of their own premium lines, which have been created through utmost quality standards. Product lines have been rigorously tested independently of the manufacturing facilities. Market America brings in third party quality testers who provide neutral results. Exclusive Market America products fit into the largest industries in the world including health, weight loss, and cosmetics. Market America pays consistent attention to market trends. Through this, they ensure that consumers and Market America UnFranchise owners have access to the world’s top selling products. You’ll rest well knowing that you can get most or all of your household and personal necessities all in one place online. It’s a vast network of quality and trust, so there’s no need to compromise.


When you’re shopping through Market America, you have ultimate control over your spending habits. You can still purchase from the big-box stores, support local businesses, and order internationally all through Market America has opened up many shopping and earning possibilities for the average American who wants to take control over what they consume. The best way to start is to take the Shopping Annuity Assessment. This Assessment is available for free online, but you can also greatly benefit from meeting with an UnFranchise owner to talk about your spending. Households in America spend tens of thousands of dollars each year on consumer goods. Why not simply start spending those same dollars somewhere that rewards you for shopping? The Assessment will simply take your current spendings, and provide you with Market America alternatives. You’ll get a good idea of just how much money you can be earning from simply changing from where you purchase. The switch is easy.


Market America has optimized shopping by giving the power back to the consumers and the shop owners. Every purchase benefits both parties, the one selling and the one buying. The person buying can earn money through Shopping Annuity. Basically, when you make purchases, you have the ability to earn cash back. So spending turns into earning. If you own a Market America UnFranchise business, you’re earning your living through purchases made on your stores as well as the stores of your team members. You’re also helping your fellow UnFranchise team members when you ask other people to purchase from your shop. The system is designed to reward many people, as opposed to a few.


Market America UnFranchise owner Dana Annou explained that when she purchased a new computer through Market America, she got more out of the purchase. Not only did she get cash back, but the site also found her a coupon and she earned a commision. Purchasing from another source, like the manufacturer or suppliers, would not have benefited her in this same way. Whether you’re an UnFranchise owner, a consumer, or both, you’re leading the home shopping revolution. JR Ridinger, the Market America CEO, even projected in the 1990s that online shopping would become the main mode of shopping in the future. He was right. Market America is the home shopping revolution; are you going to get on board?




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