A Man Released from Jail after 40 Years in Jail for a Crime he didn’t commit


After years of consultation, the state of California pardoned a man who was wrongfully convicted . The man was sentenced to life imprisonment for allegedly killing a woman she used to date. The woman was killed together with her son. The man has insisted his innocence during this entire period. The man has been identified as Craig R. Coley who is 70-years-old at the moment. Police took him into custody on 11th November 1978 for allegedly killing Rhonda Wicht who was 24 at the moment. The police said that the two had ended their relationship before the murders. The lady had been strangled and beaten as well.

The event took place in Simi Valley, California where the woman had an apartment. As for her son who was identified as Daniel, he was smothered. Ms. Wicht was beaten with a macramé rope. The trial first took place in 1979 where the jury was deadlocked. As a result, a mistrial was ordered. However, Mr. Coley was not lucky the second time as he was sentenced to life imprisonment. At the same time, he was not given an option for parole. His clemency was granted after Simi Valley police and Ventura County District attorney said that the man might have been framed. Also, new DNA tests showed that the man was not at the scene of the crime. The two officers said that they had found factual innocence in the accused. The attorney’s office released a statement saying that they had been notified that the man has a place to stay at the moment. The police chief and the attorney said that the case was tragic.

A woman and her child died while an innocent man went to prison for four decades for a crime he didn’t commit. They further said that the actual murderers had never been arrested. Governor Brown, on the other hand, described Mr. Craig as having no criminal record by the time that he was arrested. At the same time, he managed to live a modest life while in jail. Not only did he live a religious life but he also stayed away from violence and gangs. The man first asked for clemency back in 2015. The governor instructed the Parole Board to look into the matter. They came to conclusions that there were doubts that the man had committed the crimes. Instead, they told the governor that he was framed.


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