His residency in Frisco, Texas brought the realization of Hurricane Harvey’s devastating effects close to home for Logan Stout, the founder and CEO of ID Life, and he led the mobilization effort to get supplies to its victims. His company provides health and wellness products, and he knew immediately that ID Life’s employees wanted to provide help in a hurry. When asked about his motivation, Stout said that “you’ve never lived” until you get an opportunity to do something kind and helpful for people who can never pay you back.

Getting Help from Others

Stout’s first efforts in providing relief were to volunteer warehouse space, but he quickly decided that delivering a convoy of boats and trucks of essential items made more sense. Along with opening his office to let employees focus on the urgent rescue mission, he let ID Life join other like-minded businesses who wanted to help transport dozens of pallets of supplies to Houston and Tomball. Black Tie Moving’s Jonathan Caldwell said that several of their trucks that “run up and down the state every day” can deliver the estimated 35,000 pounds of cargo.

One of the workers on the loading dock, Gundy Gunderson, said that he had concerns about his parent’s inability to escape the aftermath of the storm. ”They do not have a way to get out,” he stated with apprehension. His employer, a Houston-based audio-visual company that “got stranded in Dallas,” allowed its truck to join the convoy to deliver assistance to victims who desperately needed food, water and cleaning supplies.

Accepting Help from Far Away States

The outpouring of relief came from as far away as South Carolina with a decision by David Wilks to drive a truck full of supplies to the survivors of Hurricane Harvey. His experience with storms let him identify with others who have “lost everything,” he said. He had lived in Louisiana when Hurricane Isaac hit, and his interest in helping out included Hurricane Katrina.

In his efforts to prepare for the opportunity to provide for others, Wilks collected clothes and cleaning supplies, food and water for his trip to Houston. As the owner of Alden Transport & Marine, he decided to use company equipment to make three trips to transport the many contributions from his community. The Camden Elementary School responded to his request for the students to write a keepsake book for the children in Houston. Wilks believes that helping others is an obligation that comes from a spiritual inspiration. “God commands us to do that,” he stated.

Reaching National Audiences

Logan Stout turned to social media to recruit citizen volunteers, and it produced the results that he needed to load the convoy to Houston. He called for 200 workers to show up at the United Way of Metropolitan Dallas for the daunting task of packing thousands of pounds of goods. Facebook showed the support from viewers who appreciated the opportunity to help others in a time of need, and an appearance on the Today Show alerted millions to the on-going relief efforts. “I love making a difference with people who want to make a difference at a time where we need to make a difference,” he said in his Facebook post. His energetic support of relief efforts for victims of Hurricane Harvey informed millions of the need.

Expanding Influence through Team Power

As a former baseball player, Stout learned the powerful effect that like-minded people often exert as a team. He used it to gain support for hurricane victims in Texas, and it holds a significant position of influence in his endeavors as an entrepreneur, business founder and owner, keynote speaker, motivational leadership trainer, philanthropist and best-selling author. His Facebook page reflects his belief in the capacity of a group to produce results: “Individuals play the game. Teams win championships.” His association with Troy Aikman and other celebrities tends to confirm the power of teamwork.

In Stout’s latest business venture, he focuses his leadership in team building at IDLife, a company he founded in 2014 to promote health and wellness. Partners in the business include billionaire Shark investor Darwin Deason, trainer of celebrities Jen Widerstrom and Aikman. They share with Stout a desire to inform consumers of the role that the “highest quality nutritional products” play in health and wellness. In a demonstration of his faith, Stout hopes to create a “lasting impact” on people who hope to reach their “God-given potential.” He shares his influence with audiences around the world.

Keeping Baseball in His Future

As the founder of the Dallas Patriots baseball organization, Logan Stout uses his position as CEO to focus on mentoring young people. The group provides baseball camps, clinics and lessons that help aspiring athletes qualify to play college baseball. With an enrollment that selects candidates in the 6-18 age range, the Patriots experience provides coaches, mentoring and training by world-class instructors. The success of the organization makes it one of the world’s largest.

From his Texas high school days in Richardson, his potential for leadership, sports and academics vaulted him into his election to the Student Athletic Council. He had a distinguished career as a star basketball and baseball player, and he now offers the benefits of his experience to the young people at his Dallas Patriots organization. His desire to help others extends to people of all ages, backgrounds and achievement level to find a path to success.

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