Lime Crime’s New Glitter Products are Pure Unicorn Gold


    Rainbows and unicorns are both mythical and beautiful. Well, for every fairy story there has to be a fair princess, and in this case princesses. The beauty industry is experiencing a disruption from the holographic themed Unicorn, a cosmetic company owned by style icon Doe Deere. Unicorn’s Lime Crime dropped another buzz of their mythical fairy collection on 10th October, christened the ‘Unicorn Queen collection’.

    It is, perhaps, one of the newest market entrants that have attracted an almost cultic following from enthusiast and consumers. The company has placed itself strategically in the beauty and cosmetic products market with its premier Unicorn Queen collection products.

    If highlighting your features and just bringing out the princess in you over a flair of highlighter magic is your thing, well, the golden unicorn secret has just been brought to you. Look no further than the unicorn highlighter palette. The Three new sparkly shades: Day Glo violet, daydreamin’, vivid pink-Happyland, and Frolic lime green will be your jam.

    Diamond Crusher lip glosses launched by Lime Crime, will give you the unicorn dream. The palette shades being: sparkling white –Over the rainbow, shimmering violet-Unicorn Queen and sparkly mint-Meadow. This glosses apart from being pigmented have a diamond sparkle to them and will be an amorphous stir to your look. They will retail at $18 per piece and a scoop up offer of $76 for the whole collection. Lime Crime’s Unicorn Queen collection is the next big thing, and its glowing’ market disruption is expected to be out of this world. Product pics are on the company’s site; the swatches are not only good looking but are also a statement of confidence and strength.

    But for those of us who can’t hold their horses, Lime crime has a lot of products in store for us. One of these fantastic products is Lime Crime’s Hair Color. Unicorn has developed new semi-permanent vegan hair color that spins you out of your comfort zone and makes you feel as unique as a unicorn. The vegan ingredients used in the manufacture of the Unicorn Hair dye products ensure that the hair is not damaged and that it does not turn into a dull shade. It also leaves the hair with a refreshing Meadow scent which compliments the silky-smooth texture which it develops. Amazingly, you can have a custom color made just for you by visiting the website.

    These semi-permanent hair colors have been developed to allow you to fuse and blend them for that unique flair. If you are free-spirited, you will need an equally free-spirited hairstyle. With Lime Crime’s range of hair dye, you can play around with the colors to give that bold style you so dream of. It is a direct deposit dye that provides a smooth learning process for newbies. The good news is it fades gracefully and doesn’t stain other places. Ultimately, the goal is to make every woman look fabulous and confident. Lime Crime’s Bubblegum rose is a new range of pink that works well with lighter hair such as blonde. It is a shade lighter than hot pink. With Lime Crime, there is something for everyone.

    A crimson red named Valentine would do for someone looking for a darker shade.You can tone down the color by using Aesthetics which is more of a mauve than red and is closely related to purple. Lime Crime other shades are mainly tints. With tints, there is no saturation in color but they are just as appealing. Their application depends on the hair color and base color used. Tweet is a fun yellow color that looks like a chick while Mint Ice gives a range of mint ice cream shade. Lime Crime’s Cloud is a true reflection of looking at a clear sky day during spring; it is a thrilling blue hue.

    On the other hand, Kawaii is an enthrall of light violet while Moonchild blue hair tint is the ultimate shade-just thinking of it brings out a field of fresh lavender. Moonchild and kawaii look quite similar and can be played around with. That much freedom of choice is truly liberating. For a sparkly, bright unicorn look you can pair your hair dye with colorful eye makeup options and highlighters from Lime Crime. The Venus palettes offer a wide range of eyeshadow colors that work to create a vibrant look. Become daring with dirt brown eyeshadow color or opalescent shell-pink color. Try a mystic look with the Lime Crime’s Hi-Lite highlighters for that iridescent glow. Whichever color you choose to go with, it will set you apart and blend with your hair look.

    Check out more of the Lime Crime line for yourself on Cult Beauty.


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