The Kremlin Conducted Information Warfare against American elections To Help Trump Secure the Presidency


A US federal jury has already indicted 13 Russian citizens and their companies from Russia for alleged illegitimate interference in the 2016 presidential campaigns and elections. The Russian nationals have been accused of strongly supporting the then-Republican nominee, Donald Trump. This is according to reports by a British special counsel Robert S. Mueller. The indictment suggests that Russian company known as Internet research Agency was waging information warfare against the US and was putting efforts to create discord in the political system of the United States by the use of false American identities and the different platforms in social media and other media that is based in the World Wide Web.

The Internet Research Agency is based in St. Petersburg in Russia and was under the control of one of the indictment’s defendants, Yevgeny Progozhin who is one of the richest individuals in Moscow and a close associate of President Vladimir Putin. According to information from the indictment, the Internet Research Agency received its registration certificate from the government of Russian as a corporate entity back in 2013. It adds that the group’s strategy was to interfere with the 2016 presidential elections by May 2014. This was a well-calculated move with the single objective of spreading distrust in the American electorate towards the nominated presidential candidates and the political system.

The indictment gives a sophisticated and comprehensive conspiracy in which the Russian defendants traveled to the US to conduct extensive research, employ tech specialists to fine-tune posts on social media platforms to make sure that their authenticity was not in question. The defendants also went ahead to steal people’s identities to buy online ads. The Indictment charges continue to say that the Russian defendants started to drum support for Republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump in early to mid-2016 and started to disparage the Hillary Clinton presidential; campaign.

The Russian suspects, according to the eight counts on the indictment charges, engaged in an operation to denigrate the Republican opponents to Donald Trump during the Party primaries such as Marco Rubio of Florida and Ted Cruz of Texas. The indictment also claims that some Russian nationals who posed as US citizens using identity fraud made contact with unwitting individuals drawn from the Trump presidential campaign team and other political activists to coordinate political rallies and other campaign activities. Under US federal law, non-American citizens are barred from using resources in form of money to influence the outcome of a mid-term or presidential election.


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