Kate Hudson On “Living Her Passion”: Balancing An Acting Career, Motherhood and Athleisure Empire Fabletics

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With the body positive movement motivating women across the country to embrace the skin they’re in, and reach their fullest potential with confidence, there has been a considerable shift in the definition of “beauty”. With an increased number of female athletes becoming the faces of major beauty and fashion companies, the message that “strong is beautiful” resonates with women everywhere. As the world of media becomes more inclusive, there is an influx of strong, athletic, and healthy women who serve as wonderful role models for young women everywhere.


Living Her Mantra

One such pioneering example of this modern renaissance woman is none other than the fabulous Fabletics co-owner and spokesmodel, Kate Hudson. Though historically, Kate has maintained an overall healthy lifestyle and exercise regimen, her involvement as the face of the athleisure giant has allowed her to put her money where her mouth is. With all eyes on her, Kate Hudson continues to truly live by the mantra of her brand, “live your passion”. It was this precise mantra that has led Kate to launch Fabletics, along with “her passion for motivating and supporting women to lead healthy and active lives”, according to the site’s mission statement.

Living this mantra means several things for Hudson, including spending quality time with her loved ones, maintaining a positive energy and mental state, and of course, maintaining an active lifestyle! Her ability to lead by example has allowed her to become an authority on the balanced lifestyle front. Through building trust with her customer-focused company, and complete transparency within Fabletics, as well as her own personal life, Kate has opened the doors for everyone to see just how she does it all. In fact, she has penned a book about the topic, entitled “Pretty Happy: Healthy Ways To Love Your Body“, providing positive reinforcement, support, and tips for everyone looking to score those Hudson rock-hard abs, and healthy glow!

How She ‘Does it All’

As a busy actor, entrepreneur, and mother, Kate juggles her priorities fabulously, and chronicles the ways in which she balances longer workouts, along with what she does to maximize a precious fifteen minutes of free time. In her book, Kate explains, “My approach to how I exercise is based on combining three forms of movement: cardio, strengthening, and toning or lengthening my muscles.” She further explains that though she wishes she could find the time to work out every day (who doesn’t?), that is simply not always the case, which is a very refreshing stance that millions of women can identify with. Very often, maintaining a healthy lifestyle seems out of reach for working women, as they simply do not feel they have enough time to achieve their desired results. Kate reiterates that not only is it okay to feel the overwhelming need to “do it all”, but that it actually can all be done! She goes on to explain the ways in which one can maximize a workout in whatever capacity still works within the time constraints of being an active woman.

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By combining cardio with flexibility training, and strength training, Kate works all major muscle groups, increases her endurance, and embraces the flexibility needed to build core strength, and maintain overall wellness. This focus on several different aspects of exercise helps to target all areas of physical well-being, helps to keep muscles guessing, and very importantly, staves off boredom! According to Kate, “you absolutely need to switch up what you do for exercise so you don’t get bored.” While this may seem like a no-brainer, it is very easy to get the treadmill blues, staring off into space, with exercise feeling tedious. Physical activity is meant to feel positive, fun, and challenging, all aspects of exercise that will yield success. That’s why Kate suggests participating in activities that feel fabulous to each individual, including dance classes, outdoor hikes, and her personal favorite: pole dancing.

When Fitness Meets Business

By taking such a varied and fun approach to fitness, Kate allows physical activity to give her a mental boost, further exacerbating the benefits of exercise. In doing so, the approach becomes wholesome, and an exact representation of what her company, Fabletics, stands for. By participating in the activities that make her feel sexy, strong, and accomplished, she allows working out to boost her confidence. Of course, having clothing that aides in the process is a surefire recipe for success. This is where her active approach in Fabletics truly pays off. By living as the embodiment of the company, Kate recognizes the need for athletic clothing to be designed to look and feel fabulous in motion. Actively involved in the creation of every product, she takes great care to foresee the needs of women in motion, and caters to the desires of the women that have created the Fabletics community.

As with exercise, Kate also maintains a healthy approach to food. According to her March 2016 interview in Self magazine, she “is mindful—but not obsessive—about what she eats. She goes for five small meals a day, sticking to unprocessed and plant-based foods for the most part.” With this clean eating approach, Kate strives to maintain a healthy relationship with food, choosing to enjoy occasional “splurges” when at restaurants, but eating foods that will make her feel good, fuel her body, and work toward her active goal of an overall sound body and mind.

By combining an active lifestyle, concerted efforts to exercise regularly, clean eating habits, and regularly focusing on mental health, Kate Hudson has become, deservedly, the poster woman for a healthy lifestyle. In this regard, co-owning Fabletics is essentially life imitating art, and the other way around. With their slogan, “live your passion”, the company encourages women to be the best versions of themselves, and to find their bliss, and pursue it to its’ fullest. What better spokesperson than the woman who is already leading by example? Kate Hudson is a unicorn, a double rainbow, and the light at the end of the tunnel, and guess what? By following a few of her lifestyle tips, we all can be too!


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