Kate Or Great Repli-Kate?


Plenty of people take inspiration from their favorite style icons, but most don’t go as far as Kate Urbanksa does with her idol, Kate Middleton. Urbanksa has a whole Instagram feed devoted to Middleton’s best looks—and her ability to flawlessly replicate them. One beautician in the U.K. decided to recreate the Duchess of Cambridge’s style herself—without the royal budget.

Just like the Duchess, Kate Urbanksa is named Kate and hails from Berkshire, where (unlike the Duchess) the 29-year-old works as a beautician.

“Rather than going for high-street replicas, I like to buy the exact high-end outfit the princess wore so I’m always looking for bargains,” Urbanksa told.

For instance, Middleton was spotted wearing a red £640 ($797) Alexander McQueen pleated dress — and Urbanksa had it remade at a tailor for only £102 ($127).


Kate Urbanksa has a blog called Great RepliKate .  She posts photos of herself wearing looks that Duchess Kate has rocked, with information for readers on how they can do the same thing. The blogger created her wardrobe by scouring eBay, hiring a tailor to reconstruct the pieces she finds. And then being selective about which of the Kate’s outfits she copies.

Her looks are pretty impressive, and it goes to show how a little ingenuity and great tailoring can go a long way. “I love Kate Middleton and her style. Her look is modest, timeless and so different compared to other celebrities nowadays,” Kate told.

Even at that price tag, most of her looks are crafted at significant discounts to the originals.

Royal Love:

“I love Kate Middleton and her style—her look is modest, timeless, and so different compared to other celebrities nowadays.” She added, “There was something about the duchess’ style that instantly struck a chord with me. She never follows trends, and she picks clothes that are comfortable, elegant, and classic.”

She explains, “my lifestyle doesn’t require a couture gown so I will probably never buy any full-length gowns she wore or will wear in the future.”

She’s also a fan of Prince Harry’s girlfriend Meghan Markle’s style. “And who knows,” she added, “maybe I’ll start replicating Meghan’s outfits, too.”


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