Justin Bieber’s India Tour Itinerary


India has become the hot spot for international music artists to come and enthral the masses with their performances. After Ed Sheeran, Skrillex and Coldplay comes another big name from the West who is bound to take Mumbai by storm on May 10.

Now India is ready to welcome none other than Justin Bieber.The 23-year-old Canadian singer and songwriter is all set to make his maiden visit to India with a bucket list of sorts.  He is coming three days prior to his concert. The musician is also taking time out to explore the sights and sounds of India.  “Be it food, places to visit or lavish parties to attend, Bieber’s got it all planned. ”

The Itinerary

” Bieber will be spending 5 days in the country where he has various plans on his checklist. ”

Here’s what the Bielebers can find him doing from day one to day five:

Day 1

The first day of the visit will entail a lavish dining experience that will explore the nuances of the finest Indian cuisines served by royal butlers flown in especially from Rajasthan. Traditional gold and silver coated thalis are being customized with engravings of the artist and his entourage’s name embedded on the dinner plates in beautiful Devanagari script. Justin Bieber who has publicly proclaimed his love for Indian food will be served rich authentic cuisine representing all the states of India. Adding a touch of opulence, the overall ambiance will resemble an imperial fortress with flutists and sarangi players elevating the fine dining to a celestial experience.

Day 2

The second day of the visit will entail a tour around the city. The hotspots  include Gateway of India, Kala Ghoda, Mani Bhavan that showcase a mix of heritage and history. The city tour will be followed by a luxurious Aryuvedic spa session knowing Bieber’s love for massages. A visit to an underprivileged home is also being planned.  Also a possible party being hosted by a leading industrialist and filmstar.

Day 3

The third day will witness the mega concert in Mumbai. It will be followed by a private yacht party with some live karaoke singing

Day 4 & 5

The fourth and fifth day will entail a visit to New Delhi and Jaipur and a trip to Taj Mahal.

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