Ivanka Trump Didn’t Know About Trump’s Military Trans Ban Tweet And Some Retired Admirals And Generals Call The Tweet Nonsense


When Donald Trump tweets, the world waits for the other shoe to drop. The president is a tweetaholic by anyone’s standards. Trump is crossing political, social, and military boundaries when he lets his finger do the walking and talking, according to the Senators, the press, and others who are, or were, Trump tweet targets. One of Trump’s latest tweets sent some U.S. military leaders into a “What the hell” rage.

The American public is wondering what Trump gets out of all these messages, and some people around Washington say they know. Trump tweets to throw people off. He sends messages that have no legs to stand on, and he gets satisfaction when he shakes, rattles and rolls his way into history. In other words, Trump likes to stir the pot. And any pot will do if he thinks it needs stirring. Transgender service men and women are in that pot right now.

When Trump put a ban on transgender individuals serving in the military, the top military brass had a strong reaction. The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Marine Gen. Joseph Dunford said the armed forces would treat all personnel with respect. Dunford also said he would not change the military’s position on transgender individuals until he got the word through the proper channels. And that would take a written directive from the Secretary of Defense, not a presidential tweet.

To show support for General Dunford, 56 retired Generals and Admirals went after Trump’s decision in a letter. The retired top military brass think trans serving in the military is not disruptive. Trump thinks they are disruptive. The generals and admirals also say trans serving in the military do it openly and honorably.

Ivanka Trump did not know about the Trump tweet, according to an article in The Huffington Post. Ivanka is a staunch LGBT supporter, and her father’s tweet undermines her support for the LGBT community. Even Vice-President Mike Pence didn’t know about the Trump tweet until it hit the news.

The Pentagon is not doing anything to enforce Trump’s tweet. It’s up to the president to follow the appropriate procedure and make the tweet an official written directive. If Trump does that, he will cause an uproar in the LGBT community. President Trump made a promise to support LGBT rights when he was on the campaign trail, and it appears he is ready to break that promise.


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