Indigenous Tribe Murders in Brazil


Brazil is known for many things such as the Amazon and Samba. In the Amazon lives an un-contacted tribe that survives by collecting eggs from the banks of Amazon, fishing and hunting. The tribe now faces a threat to survival after a group of gold miners met with some members of the tribe. According to news from Brazil, federal prosecutors from the country have decided to investigate a report that close to 10 members of the tribe were killed by gold miners. This only serves to accelerate the fears that the threats facing endangered tribes are ever increasing in the South American nation. The report was brought to light by an indigenous affairs agency from Brazil known as Funai. According to a report released by the agency, they said that they had discussed the issue with the relevant officials from the state of Amazonas where the incident is said to have happened. According to the group, these miners went to a nearby bar where they bragged about the heinous acts. During the bragging, these miners produced a hand-carved paddle that they took from the tribe. The agency coordinator Leila Silvia said that this was a crude bar talk. During the conversation, the miners had the audacity to speak about how they opened the bodies and later threw them into the river.

She also said that the situation had come to either kill the tribe or be killed by the tribe members. Before taking the case to the police, the indigenous affairs bureau said that they conducted some investigations of their own in the town. They also revealed that the killings took place last month. She lamented that despite the presence of plenty of evidence, it needs to be proven. Pablo Luz de Beltrand who is the prosecutor in charge said that an investigation is underway. He refused to discuss the case saying that it’s unprofessional to interfere with an ongoing investigation. According to the prosecutor, the killings took place in Javari Valley. This is considered as the second biggest reserve in the country. He also said that this is a huge area that has limited access. Also, the fact that the tribe is un-contacted makes it difficult for investigators. He called on all governments departments to work together for the investigation to yield fruits. President Michel Temer has slashed the budget that is supposed to protect the indigenous affairs. This has led to institutions like Funai to reduce staffing.


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