Impeaching Donald Trump by Tom Steyer


Tom Steyer recently announced that he would be spending close to $10 million for the impeachment of the US president Donald Trump. The billionaire progressive donor said this would be possible through a television commercial that will run in all 50 states. During the announcement, he shared his opinion why the president should be impeached. For instance, the billionaire said that the president had violated the constitution. On the other hand, he felt that the president had obstructed justice in one way or the other when he fired the FBI director for doing his job and refusing to bow to his pressure. Finally, the billionaire feels that the president has brought the United States to the brink of nuclear war by escalating things in the Korean Peninsula. The president has also continued with his threats to organizations that report the truth and also continues to accept money from foreign governments. Appearing in the ad himself, Tom Steyer then asks the Americans whether these accusations are not enough to impeach the president. He refers to the president as a dangerous president and asks the Americans whether they wished for such a government. While this is a good question, many elected Democrats agree with idea that the current president has been a nightmare. However, they have chosen to stay away from the word impeachment.

While a recent survey by Public Religion Research Institute revealed that 72 percent of Democrats support impeachment, calling the term within the Beltway is still regarded as taboo. At the same time, it’s not silly to say that a number of House Democrats are waiting for the conclusion of investigations by Robert S. Mueller to make an impeachment case stronger. If the special counsel gets the results, there will be grounds for impeaching the president. For instance, the United States president can be impeached for misdemeanors, high crimes, bribery and even treason. However, a law professor at Harvard known as Cass Sunstein says that for a president to be impeached, crime is not the only factor that can lead to the process. He has written a book called Impeachment: A Citizen’s Guide. However, the professor has insisted that the book is not about President Trump. For instance, to show that crime is not the only ground that can be used to impeach a president, the law professor says that should the president go on vacation for six months, that’s enough to remove him from office.


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