IHOP May Be Changing Its Name TO IHOB


The International House of Pancakes is a 60-year-old company that built a reputation for putting pancakes in front of eggs for breakfast. In 1973, the company’s executives thought an acronym would better suit their image, so IHOP became the name pancake lovers used when they needed a pancake fix. But IHOP executives feel the urge to change their image once again by changing their recognizable acronym to IHOB. The thought behind the change is still a mystery to pancake lovers. IHOP lovers want to know; does the new “B” stand for breakfast or bacon or, maybe brunch? The acronym change should be in play by June 11th, but Twitter users had their own interpretation for the “B.” Those people think the B stands for bitcoin, broccoli, beets, biscuits, or butternut squash.

Applebee’s own the International House of Pancakes and the Applebee executive team isn’t talking about the name change. The company’s stock is up by 25 percent this year thanks to sales growth at IHOP. So changing the acronym now is a risky move, according to some investors. Changing the name on more than 1,800 locations could be profit buster, so it appears IHOP knows something Wall Street doesn’t know about marketing and brand recognition, according to a Business Insider article.

IHOP executives are having fun with the name change. The company’s social media team put out a message that said there’s no need to stress over the name change. “O-B-viously there are endless possi-B-ilties so the new B is going to be great in our name.” The team added, “Brebare yourself for an awesome new IHOB experience.”

Some pancake lovers think IHOP is going to introduce a new restaurant language when their acronym name change is official. IHOP executives are thinking way outside the box, and inserting a B where a P should be is the start of a new restaurant language.

But some people think they know what the “B” stands for after visiting an IHOP location. The “B” stands for Burgers. IHOP is getting into the burger business, and nothing says it better than a name change. The name change is not going over well with some IHOP lovers. They say the International House of Pancakes acronym is the chain’s identity and changing it would confuse and annoy them. But In this age of restaurant madness, big companies have to make menu and other changes to stay relative in an ever-changing industry.


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