House Speaker Paul Ryan Answers Some Tough Questions At Home


The House and the Senate left Washington with their dysfunctional tails between their legs. The tug-of-war in the nation’s capital is turning into a political version of “Nightmare on Elm Street.” House Speaker Paul Ryan is facing that nightmare in his home state of Wisconsin. The question of why nothing gets done in Washington is usually the first question Ryan has to answer. And he has a hard time answering that question because he is part of the problem not part of the solution. But Ryan is not alone in Congressional guilt. Every member of Congress faces the same guilt when they play favorites instead of focusing on the needs of the people, according to people all over the country. Ryan won a seat in Congress by a landslide. But his future in Congress is hanging by a thread in several Wisconsin districts, according to an Associated Press article.

Ryan and the Republicans in Congress say they are hell-bent on passing major legislation this year, but the in-fighting and the lack of unity in both parties are roadblocks. Reforming the tax code is on the minds of millions of Americans, but if the health care debacle is an example of what it takes to get something done, there is little hope for an effective tax reform bill this year or in the next three years, according to some Republicans. If things don’t change, Ryan may find himself on the short end of the political stick when the 2018 midterm elections roll around. He could lose his job as Speaker if the Democrats come back from their 2016 Waterloo.

The Democrats must flip 24 seats to take control of the House in 2018. That may sound like a lot of upheaval, but the mess in Washington is setting the stage for a major Democratic comeback. The Democrats who were Republican voters in the last election because of Trump’s promises are getting nervous. They may vote for Democratic candidates to stop the madness in Washington.

Ryan is not a Trump loyalist. Paul plays the game, but he knows it is only a matter of time before Trump detractors get their day. The Mueller investigation and the other issues that keep Trump in the political hot seat will be his demise, according to the Republicans who are distancing themselves from the president. Ryan has one foot in that Republican camp, and the other foot is heading that way.


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