Host Ryan Seacrest Reveals Top 10 Contestants on American Idol: Season 16 Episode 14

Ryan Seacrest Announces Top 10 on American Idol
Ryan Seacrest Announces Top 10 on American Idol

Longtime host Ryan Seacrest of American Idol kept us all on edge during Episode 14 as he revealed the Top 10 contestants who will move onto compete in the show. Seacrest started the show by telling viewers, “Prepare yourself for drama on this stage”. He revealed an area on stage called “The Victory Zone” where the Top 10 contestants will end up. He also pointed out “The Danger Zone” where 8 seats were placed that represented those contestants that are in danger of being sent home.

6 of the 10 contestants were chosen by American viewers who voted after the previous night of competition. The final 4 were decided by the three judges this season: Lionel Richie, Katy Perry, and Luke Bryan. Ryan Seacrest had many different stops in the singer’s lounge to check in with how the contestants were feeling. He noted that it was really quiet back in the lounge.

Maddie Poppe was the first contestant of the night who was called out by Seacrest. She entered the stage with her guitar and a gold outfit along with some nervous energy as she awaited the results. Seacrest told her, “Maddie, it is my job to tell you that you have made it into the Top 10”. Poppe then went onto sing “Walk Like An Egyptian” bringing her signature alternative voice to a happy crowd.

Ryan Seacrest told a very nervous Marcio Donaldson that he had not made it through to the Top 10 after America’s vote. Donaldson sang “Jealous” by Nick Jonas along with a leather jacket and beautiful voice to fight for a spot in the Top 10. Seacrest gave him a solid high five after his performance and Luke Bryan told Donaldson that, “That was not the strongest thing we’ve seen from you.” Katy Perry told him, “The biggest lesson in this whole process, whether you win or you win, is to know that you have always been enough.”

Seacrest told Cade Foehner that he was in the Top 10 which received a lot of applause from the audience. This 21 year old knows how to rock with an old soul voice accompanied with his long curly locks and rock and roll style. Ryan Seacrest got into the song by playing air guitar alongside the judges and said, “I had to go back and rock with the judges”.

Michele Sussett came out onto the stage and was told by Seacrest, “Unfortunately your best was not enough for America to put you in the Top 10 but you can sing right now and prove to the judges that you deserve a place in that Top 10”. Sussett decided to sing an original song of hers called “I’m A Dreamer” in order to save her spot in the next show.

Garrett Jacobs didn’t balk as he took the news from Seacrest that he didn’t make it through to the Top 10 and sang an amazing performance of “Have You Ever Seen The Rain”. Katy Perry told Jacobs, “This is the best you’ve ever sounded” and was quick to state, “I love how you sound when the pressure is on.”

Gabby Barrett was coming off of the previous episode in a good spot as Judge Katy Perry told her that she had gone through the “star wash”. Seacrest told her, “America thinks you’re a star, you’re in the Top 10, congratulations!” Barrett sang a feisty version of “Little Red Wagon” while being so excited that she had made it further in the competition.

Dennis Lorenzo was told that he did not make it into the Top 10 by Seacrest who said, “Now it’s game time” and Lorenzo agreed in stating, “It’s time to change their minds”. Lorenzo sang a stunning rendition of “This Woman’s Work” with a very simple yet dramatic stage presence.

Jonny Brenns was told by Ryan Seacrest that he was “one of the least experienced performers” which Brenns agreed with as they had talked about it in previous episodes. Brenns did not make it through to the Top 10 based on America’s vote and sang “Demons” by Imagine Dragons to show his talent to the judges. He sang a soft and beautiful ballad that allowed him to showcase his voice. Lionel Richie told him “I think that you are finding your character. You are growing right in front of us.” to encourage him with singing from this point forward.

Seacrest delivered the news to Mara Justine that she also did not make the cut to the Top 10 from America’s vote and sent her out to the stage to sing “Love On The Brain”. Justine sang in order to prove her worthiness to be in the Top 10 and brought stunning vocals to the stage in order to impress the judges. Katy Perry told the young Justine that, “It’s just about timing sometimes…whatever happens” in order to give her some advice just in case she doesn’t make it through to the Top 10.

Jurnee was told by Seacrest that she was not voted into the Top 10 by America but that she still had a chance to win over the judges. Jurnee sang “Never Enough” from The Greatest Showman that has been popular movie with the singers this season on Idol. Jurnee showed a different side of herself with a slow and emotional ballad that stood in stark contrast to her edgy performance the previous episode. Judge Luke Bryan told her that she keeps on showing something new and stated, “Between yesterday and today you’ve just got me sold.”

Michael Woodard looked pretty nervous when waiting Seacrest’s news that he had made it into the Top 10 and seemed a bit overwhelmed at the news. Woodard told Seacrest that the hardest part of the last performance was that he couldn’t move so he was quite happy to be able to move around the stage during this performance of “Believe In Yourself”. Caleb Lee Hutchinson was told by Seacrest that he made it into the Top 10 and chose to sing “Getting You Home” while having a lot of fun on stage since he already made it to the next step of competition.

The night came down to Catie Turner and Ada Vox with Seacrest revealing that Turner had won American’s vote and was automatically into the Top 10. Ada Vox then had to perform for the judges in order to get their vote to continue in the competition. Vox looked a bit nervous and told Seacrest, “I am as ready as I am gonna be right now” and went onto sing the very complicated song, “And I’m Telling You I’m Not Going”. The crowd was ecstatic as she finished this amazing performance with sky high notes and a lot of zeal. Katy Perry looked almost upset as Vox finished her performance and quickly conferred with the other judges to say, “I don’t know everything. I’ve got a lot to learn. We (the judges) would like to make an executive decision,” as all 3 judges pointed Vox over to the Top 10 area.

7 of the competitors stood in “The Danger Zone” with only 3 spots available: Marcio Donaldson, Michele Sussett, Garrett Jacobs, Dennis Lorenzo, Johnny Brenns, Mara Justine, and Jurnee.  Lionel Richie was the first to pick a singer and announced that Jurnee would be in the Top 10. Seacrest then asked Katy Perry, “Who is the next judge’s pick” and she answered, “Michele Sussett”. That left just 1 seat left and 5 remaining competitors. Judge Luke Bryan made the last choice and announced that the final person in the Top 10 would be Dennis Lorenzo.

Seacrest thanked those contestants who didn’t make it through and many hugs were exchanged on stage between all of the singers. Seacrest announced during the show that American Idol will be the first competition show in American TV history to air the show simultaneously in every single time zone so that all of America can watch and vote live at the same time. Tune into the next episode of American Idol on Sunday, April 29th at 8/7pm Central on ABC.

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