Homeless Man Receives Help After Helping Others


When you think about someone who is homeless, you might think that the person doesn’t want to work and doesn’t care about anything but taking money from other people. While this is sometimes true of people who are homeless, one man has shown that they are not all alike. When Kate McClure was in Philadelphia on a recent trip, she ran out of gas. She didn’t think that she would be in this situation, and she didn’t’ expect that a homeless person would come to her rescue.

Kate pulled to the side of I-95 to try to get help when a man named Johnny walked to her vehicle. The man told Kate to wait in her car with her windows up and her doors locked. This was abnormal behavior for someone approaching a vehicle on the side of the road, but Kate did as she was told and saw that the man was walking to get help for her. Johnny used the last $20 that he had on him to put gas in a small tank that he then used to put in Kate’s car so that she could get to the gas station. Kate didn’t have any money to give Johnny, and he didn’t expect her to help him. However, she told Johhny that she would give him something in return for his help.

Kate frequently visits Johnny to give him money, gift cards, and snacks. She usually takes her boyfriend with her, and when they talk to Johnny, they find out more about why he is homeless. The couple knew that they needed to do something to help Johnny, so they started an online fundraiser to get help for him. After only a few days, over $34,000 was raised to help Johnny get back on his feet. Most people donated a few dollars, but there were people who donated hundreds because this man showed that not all homeless people are the same and that there are good people left in the world who just need a little help. Johnny served as a Marine and is a paramedic. He moved to Philadelphia because he thought that he had a job, but the job fell through, leaving him with nothing and nowhere to live. Thanks to the help of others, Johnny now has something to look forward to in his life.


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