Google releases Android O developer preview 3

Google Android O

Google has started rolling out its Android O developer preview 3 to developers and it has now been confirmed that the new version of Android will be called Android 8.0, and not Android 7.2.

Reports are flying in from a number of sources that claim that the ‘About Phone’ section under settings of this particular version of Android lists it as Android 8.0. The stable version of Android 8.0 won’t be hitting any time soon and we are still a few months away from a formal stable release.

Google’s Android O beta is available for regular users as well, provided you have the right smartphone. The Android O beta went live for users after Google’s I/O conference, and currently Google Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Nexus Player, Pixel C tablet, Google Pixel and Pixel XL smartphone users can get this new OS on their phones.

To sign up for Google’s Android O Beta, you’ll have go to, sign in with your Google account here. Once that is done, your eligible device should be reflected on the list, and you’ll have to add this device to the Android O beta program.

Google says you can take the device off the Android O beta list anytime. However, before you decide to do that, make sure you take a backup up of all the data on your phone. Once you delist the smartphone from Android O beta program, all data is erased from the device.

In terms of features, Android O comes with features like improved battery performance thanks to background limits on apps, picture-in-picture option for apps like YouTube, Google Duo, as well as improved notifications channels.

The background limits will put some restrictions on what code apps can execute in the background, and this could improve the overall battery performance. The picture-in-picture mode will allow users to continue watching a video on top of other app windows. Finally the notifications channels will give users control over the different kinds of notifications they receive with the option of blocking, snoozing notifications for a limited time. Android O also comes with support for high-quality Bluetooth audio codecs such as LDAC codec.


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