Germany has survived to the Brink and Back, and learned their Limitations


If there exists a language that can express misfortune and joy, then Germany can go at all odds to purchase the language and explain to others while speaking it. On Saturday night, Germany had a story to tell. They reminded Sweden that they had a job to do and complete as the defending champions of the World Cup. However, the Germans don’t have the best term to use for self-consciousness. Till now, there hasn’t been a clear picture on why the champions are still dragging themselves this way. This is not the Germany that won the World Cup four years ago. Their triumph in 2014 and the team that is playing today are contradicting. However, along the way, the team has grown to be confident.

Last Sunday, the German team’s boss, Joachim Leow, sounded entirely confident. The national team manager was addressing the press after his side’s opening that saw them lose to Mexico. Despite the recklessness, arrogance and the naivety of his players, the team displayed the willingness to create opportunities to draw the day. Joachim pointed out this issue but was of less importance at the moment.

The German team had lost because the Mexican team had outclassed them. It wasn’t clear if by then Joachim had thought of a possible path that other recent defending World Cup champions followed. Winners like Italy in 2010 and Spain in 2014 saw their defence for the title end at the World Cup group stages. Joachim Leow was not yet defined as to why that happened to the other countries. However, he was certain that Germany was not going to face what the other teams had suffered. He promised the media that the team would make it to the next round. It was right for Joachim to speak the way he did. He was speaking this way because of the team’s future performance. The German giants were struggling in every game before they got a breakthrough. According to tacticians, they had degraded the German team to progress from the group stages from 90% to 64% after their match with Mexico.

Even after the odd hours when Toni Kroos stroke a spectacular heartwarming free kick, Germany’s fate in the second round is cannot be comfortably predicted. Following this victory, they have another match with South Korea on Wednesday in Kazan. The team will be required to have back-to-back wins if they want to be safe in the coming round of 16.


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