French Former President Sarkozy Arrested To Be Questioned


Nicolas Sarkozy, the most recent president of France, has been detained for an investigation. Officials are slated to delve into allegations that he willfully accepted millions of euros to help increase his chances of winning the 2007 presidential campaign. The money allegedly came from Libya, when it was under the dictator rule of Moammar Gadhafi.

Police took Mr. Sarkozy into custody just hours ago, on Tuesday, March 20, 2018. The aforementioned investigation has been ongoing since 2013. He’s currently being held just west of Paris, the capital of France, in a police station in Nanterre.

High-ranking French magistrates will be responsible for asking Nicolas Sarkozy questions, rather than regular police, considering the importance of this case. Even though Moammar Gadhafi is long gone, accepting such funding from such a country – at least in the state Libya was in 11 years ago, under the iron fist of Gadhafi.

Initial tips of financing Sarkozy’s decades-old campaign came from officials in none other than Libya itself. Such reports only surfaced after the death of Moammar Gadhafi.

Sarkozy was then the leader of the Union for Popular Movement party, which unforgettably rocketed Sarkozy to the top of France’s political system. Nicolas Sarkozy served just one five-year term prior to his resignation to another opponent in 2012.

According to Eleanor Beardsley of National Public Radio, Nicolas Sarkozy hasn’t spoken to press or the public since he was taken into custody not long ago. According to Beardsley, French law dictates, in this situation, that police can hold him for just 48 hours prior to officially charging him with crimes that will likely see him pass away in jail due to old age.

There’s still no telling if Sarkozy will actually get charged with such crimes, as he’s always staunchly denied such accusations. However, it’s safe to say that, with enough evidence in public media as there is, most believe the former president is going away for a long time.

Those insiders, who won’t be named, that are familiar with the case indicate that Sarkozy hasn’t been asked any questions about Gadhafi, specifically, at all, ever since the case started in 2013.

People who keep up with French news likely remember accusations from 2013 that Liliane Bettencourt allegedly gave Sarkozy illegal funds for his campaign. Sarkozy’s house was searched, he was arrested, questioned again the next year, but nothing ever came of the situation. Maybe nothing will come of current accusations, either.


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