Flu Season can be tracked using a Smart Thermometer


A company that is known to be making thermometers that can upload body temperatures on its website says that it has been monitoring this flu season in much hast and with more details than the public health authorities. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention claim that this year’s flu season is moderately severe. The founder of Kinsahealth.com known as Inder Singh says that the flu season has left many residents of Iowa and Missouri most affected in the entire United States. He said that as the moment, California is experiencing the worst outbreak as compared to the last five years. According to Mr. Singh, at least one percent of the California residents showed symptoms that are associated with flu on the second day of January this year.

Mr. Singh says that areas such as New York, Southeast, and New England have exhibited a relatively mild season of flu so far. The cases in these regions are rising steadily, and are expected to get to the peak in two weeks. The data that is presented by this company is showing very different information from that presented by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention during the Friday news conference. C.D.C stated that flu activity had extended in the continental United States. This prevalence was described as unusual. According to the director of C.D.C in charge of the flu division known as Dr. Daniel B. Jernigan, flu is in lots of places. He added that both hospitalization and death rates are way below the anticipated numbers, regardless of the fact that they are climbing. At least 20 children and teenagers have passed on as a result of flu. This year’s flu season is likened to that of 2014-2015. Many are hopeful that by the end of summer, the death toll will be relatively low than that of 2014-2015, which claimed 148 lives.

The data released by C.D.C is received from hospitals and clinics that give reports on the cases they have treated. Kinsa health, on the other hand, is able to quickly detect fever spikes in a place within a short time. According to Mr. Singh, over 500,000 households have smartphones that are connected to the company’s ear and oral thermometer. On a daily basis, the company is able to get at least 25,000 readings. Notably, the company cannot measure the number of people hospitalized and those that have died.


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