The Five Steps That Have Revolutionized Business Thanks to Glen Wakeman


Glen Wakeman is the co-founder and CEO of LaunchPad Holdings, a company that creates software to help early-stage entrepreneurs build their businesses.


A resident of greater Miami-Fort Lauderdale, Glen has enjoyed a truly varied and distinguished career in financial services, and he now uses his expertise and business savvy to make other people’s dreams come true.




Glen Wakeman graduated from the University of Scranton in 1981 with a bachelor’s degree in economics and finance. He went on to earn a master of business administration (MBA) from the University of Chicago in 1993.


As a college student, Glen got a job cleaning the restrooms at a factory that made parts for vehicles. He’s grateful for that experience, difficult as it was because it taught him that every honest job is noble. It also made him realize the value of creating jobs so that people are able to pay for their education and other necessities.


After college, Glen Wakeman had to figure out what his place in the corporate world might be ( Of course, like almost every businessperson, Glen suffered a failure or two along the way. For example, when he was a young man, he tried starting a business that sold recorded messages for answering machines.


However, that company, which he called Snappy Answers, didn’t stay afloat for long. Afterwards, Glen realized that he didn’t have a solid marketing strategy in place, and he didn’t have a reliable technological system for placing his messages on other people’s machines. The lessons he learned from this episode stayed with him, though, and they started him on the path to success.

An International Career


Glen’s professional positions have taken him across the planet, and he’s worked in 32 nations. Over the course of 15 years, he resided in six different countries in Asia, Europe, and South America. At one point, he was the general director of Global Insurance Ventures in the United Kingdom.


Glen’s multifaceted career has included two decades at General Electric Capital; GE even gave him its Board of Directors’ Growth Leadership Award. Indeed, during his time at GE, Glen’s portfolio and managerial responsibilities kept growing.


Glen’s final position at the conglomerate was the GE Money Latin America CEO. In fact, he developed that branch of GE from scratch. Before he departed GE, that part of the company included about 17,000 team members, and its assets were valued at more than $12 billion.


Between August 2006 and March 2015, Glen Wakeman was the president and CEO of Doral Financial Corporation, a bank holding company with billions of dollars of assets. He also served on Doral’s board of directors during that period. As the Doral chairman, Glen made a lasting contribution by modernizing the company’s antiquated operations, making them leaner and more effective.


A Unique Specialist


Among Glen’s numerous strengths are acquiring and integrating businesses as well as growing new companies at exponential rates.


Another area in which Glen Wakeman is an authority is navigating the hierarchy of a company, no matter how intricate it may be, to make the business as productive as it could be. In fact, he’s been able to boil this process down to a specific plan that he can share with other business leaders.


Glen Wakeman understands that corporate changes involve several stages. First, an organization must put in place a leadership team to oversee the alterations and answer employees’ questions and concerns about them. As those changes are being implemented, the company must strive to minimize interruptions to daily business activities.


During the first months in which those modifications are in effect, it’s vital to listen to employee and customer feedback and fine-tune them. At the same time, a company must try to soothe the opposition that some staff members may have to those new procedures. Some people, after all, naturally resist any form of change.


Glen Wakeman is also a huge proponent of networking. He’s always trying to grow the pool of businesspeople with whom he’s acquainted, and he’s found that a network can be an unparalleled resource when you’re looking for funds, new concepts, advice, and other forms of assistance. Thus, Glen works with entrepreneurs to teach them ways of growing their networks and making themselves known to people who might be able to offer them help at some point.

Starting His Own Companies


Glen Wakeman debuted his firm LaunchPad Holdings in November 2015. As its CEO, Glen supplies companies with an array of planning services. As a result, business leaders can develop and follow detailed plans that address such topics as marketing, budgeting, and how to use consumer input to improve new products.


Creating and running LaunchPad has been a highly personal endeavor for Glen Wakeman. Over the years, he’s been alarmed to see so many promising small companies go out of business quickly. Even some of the most passionate and talented entrepreneurs he’s known have had trouble with their brands.


After speaking to many small business owners and analyzing their sales numbers and other data, Glen realized that many of them had good ideas. However, they lacked structured plans to support those ideas. Other companies had solid business plans, but they didn’t have ways of getting their goods or services to consumers fast enough. Therefore, solving those issues became LaunchPad’s top priorities.


In addition, Glen Wakeman has founded a business called Nova Four, and he’s its president. Nova Four is a consulting company that helps startups raise funds and locate investors, and it also provides them with expert counsel and growth strategies.


In his spare time, Glen serves as a mentor to executives who work at the highest levels of their companies. Plus, he blogs on important business topics, including how to raise funds and how to find angel investors. For sure, Glen Wakeman is poised to keep giving invaluable corporate advice for a long time to come. Many people have come to depend on his unsurpassed business acumen.


  1. This article tells that Glen Wakeman is indeed a genius. He saw for some other companies that they had solid business plans, but they didn’t have ways of getting their goods or services to consumers fast enough. Therefore, solving those issues became LaunchPad’s top priorities.

  2. Oh yes, Glen Wakeman is a unique specialist. See that among his numerous strengths are acquiring and integrating businesses as well as growing new companies at exponential rates.

  3. I think maybe not only with Glen Wakeman’s experience, also to everybody who has been in the process or challenge while on their way to the top just strengthen their responsibilities kept growing yeah along the way!

  4. It’s a fact that many business owners believe with a little more effort they will achieve success.With Glen Wakeman he put himself much more dedication and so he reach the goal of success!


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