Fire Chief Arrested After Saving Woman’s Life


When someone offers assistance to another person, the act doesn’t usually result in an arrest. A fire chief in Georgia spent several years saving the lives of the people who needed help. The last person that he helped resulted in the chief’s arrest. Rick Rickerson knew that there needed to be some kind of memorial or cross on the side of the road along GA 109. The accident took place in a matter of moments. After a vehicle flipped over on the highway, the fire chief responded to the scene and saw a woman who was trapped inside. The woman wasn’t breathing, so Rick did the only thing that he knew to do to try to help.

Drivers pulled over to try to help the woman as well. Rebecca Buchanan was lifeless inside her crushed vehicle. Soon, Rick is able to revive the young woman. A state trooper arrived on the scene and ordered Rick to move away from the car. However, Rick didn’t want to leave the woman until he knew that she was safe.

Rebecca was loaded into a helicopter and taken to a nearby hospital. Rick watched everything from the back seat of the trooper’s car. He was also in handcuffs. Rick was charged with obstruction because he didn’t get out of the way when emergency officials arrived on the scene to try to get the woman out of the car. Witnesses have offered their positive stories about Rick helping to save the woman. If he hadn’t been there, then she would have likely died. Rebecca thinks of Rick as her hero. Rick did what he was trained to do as a firefighter. He knew that the crash was severe, and he wanted to do everything possible to save anyone inside. Rick had never been in trouble in his life, and he was taken to jail for trying to save a woman in a car accident.


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