Fergie Launches Comeback, As She Separates From Josh Duhamel


Music artist Fergie has been away from the scene for quite some time with many of her fans beginning to wonder if she’s given up on her talent altogether. As it turns out, the singer has been away dealing with personal issues, which is indicated by the announcement that she’s separating from her husband. Now, as the news becomes public, Fergie is free to launch a musical comeback.
Fergie And Josh Duhamel To End Their Eight Year Marriage
Josh Duhamel and Fergie released a joint statement on Thursday, which shared the news of their separation. In the letter, the former couple revealed that they have been separated since earlier in the year, indicating that their relationship problems began earlier than anyone suspected. Though they have parted, Fergie and Josh began the open statement by declaring their “absolute love and respect” for one another.
The rest of the statement explains that Fergie and Duhamel have kept their troubles private in an effort to help their family adjust. They also vow to keep things civil and continue to function as a family in supporting each other through life.
At the start of the year, Fergie and Josh were seen together in an Instagram post, which was shared to celebrate their eighth wedding anniversary. The picture, posted by Duhamel and expressing his love for Fergie, featured the former couple together with their 4-year-old son, Axl.
Fergie Launches A Comeback
Fergie, formerly of the Black Eyed Peas, has been away from the music scene for awhile now, but that’s about to change. Double Dutchess, due out on September 22, will be Fergie’s first solo LP in 11 years. Teasing this comeback and preceding the separation announcement by just a couple of days, Fergie released a single from the album. That song, “You Already Know,” features Nicki Minaj.
While marriage problems have driven the former couple apart, Josh seems to be holding up his end of the agreement to remain supportive of one another. Despite the separation, he publicly gushed over Fergie’s new album.
“People are going to be amazed. It’s so good,” Duhamel says of Double Dutchess.
Previously, Josh and Fergie have expressed a genuine affection for each other, telling curious journalists that they always have fun together and enjoy co-parenting Axl. While they may no longer be intimately involved, that aspect of their relationship seems to have remained intact.


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