False Claims Land Couple In Jail


A couple in New York has been arrested after police completed an investigation that spanned the course of several months. The investigation began when the couple started a fundraiser for their child who they claimed has cancer. Family members, friends, and complete strangers donated to the fund, thinking that they were helping a family in need. The couple posted on the fundraiser page that they needed help with medical bills and other bills for the home that were mounting because they were spending so much money on cancer treatments.

After investigators received a report that this information might not be true, they started looking into whether the child really has cancer or the couple just wanted to get money from people. Investigators discovered that the child does not have cancer and is not sick at all. When enough evidence was gathered, officers arrested Martin and Jolene LaFrance. They have been charged with felony fraud and endangerment of a child’s welfare.

Pictures were posted online of the couple along with the post that they created. The couple made a GoFundMe fundraiser last year. In the description of the fundraiser, the couple made claims that their child has cancer and that money was needed to get necessary medications. Thousands of dollars started coming in on the fundraiser page after people saw the post on social media sites. Officers received complaints about the couple asking for money. That’s when officers decided to talk to doctors about the child and found out that the child does not have cancer. When the false information was discovered, the fundraiser platform banned the couple from using it again. The people who donated money will receive their money back. Platform owners are working with officers in any way possible to provide evidence about the couple and their claims.


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