Facebook Attacked by President Trump


Earlier on Wednesday, President Trump took aim at Facebook and accused the social media giant of being anti-trump. However, Facebook insists that it stands for pro-truth and pro-democracy and the German election is a living proof. The post by Donald Trump was made on Twitter and just escalated the situation that Facebook has found itself in the last few months. At the moment, Facebook is being accused of partisanship from both sides of the Democrats and Republicans. From one side, the social networking company is accused of interfering with the outcome of the US election by spreading fake news. Just a few weeks ago, Facebook came clean and accepted that fake Russians account had been used to create ads that played a crucial role in pushing for divisive issues. However, Trump concerns were addressed by chief executive of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg. Through a post, Mr. Zuckerberg mentioned that liberals were accusing Facebook that they were helping the president. He said that both sides are using the social media for blame game, with each side being upset in content and ideas that don’t favor them. On their part, Facebook said that they are ready for the next election following the accusations from both sides.

Mark Zuckerberg further said that it’s his day’s job to bring people together. He further said that he wants to create a community that can accommodate everyone. Facebook thrives on giving people a voice while at the same time creating a platform that supports all ideas. However, he said that he was sorry for being dismissive about the potential of the social media company in influencing the 2016 election. He also said that he had learned that the topic is too important. Mr. Zuckerberg also said that they have managed to give people a voice. Moreover, they have offered candidates with a platform where they can address their clients. He said that this is far much greater than the effect created by spreading lies and false information. The social media giant was also on a mission to show the world that they were ready for another election when they spoke about the lessons and experience that they gathered from the German elections. Facebook said that they successfully managed to implement measures that addressed the issue of fake news in Germany. In one of the steps, Facebook managed to successfully delete over tens of thousands of accounts that they suspected of being fake.


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