Emirates Looking to Ditch Windows in The Future


Global warming is a hot-button issue that has been on the tips of the tounges of many environmentalists for decades now. When most individuals think of global warming, they point their fingers at the automotive industry. While the auto industry is a large part of the problem, massive airliners are just as big of a part of the problem. Emirates is well aware of this problem and is working to create more efficient airliners by making them lighter. This will cut down on fuel consumption and thus lessen their impact on the environment.

Windowless aircraft have been talked about in theory for quite some time now in the field of aviation. Emirates is now working to create a lighter and stronger airliner which will use fiber optic cameras to simulate windows on a plane. Without having to deal with the structural weaknesses of windows on an airplane, these large vehicles can be made at a much lighter weight. This will help manufacturers to cut costs while also providing a new and exciting flying experience for passengers. All the while, this will also be helping to lessen the impact that the aviation industry has on the environment.

While there are still some bugs that need to be worked out in order to make these digital windows work properly, Emirates will be setting the bar by committing to have this technology in their future planes. It seems as though it will only be a matter of time before more airlines will be catching onto this new technology. There are also some certain safety hazards involved in having an aircraft with no windows. In an emergency situation where digital windows are unavailable due to lack of electricity, there could be issues with evacuating the plane.

While there are still many kinks that have to be hammered out, Emirates is forging forward in their efforts to soon have aircraft with no windows. This will be a shift that will help not only the environment but the economics of the aviation industry. Aircraft that take less fuel to go a longer distance will relate to higher profits for airline companies and possibly even lower prices for tickets. It will be exciting to see where this technology is headed in coming years. In the future, we may see standard windows being completely a thing of the past. With the efficiency of digital windows, it only seems like a matter of time until they are the norm.


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