Egypt And Saudi Arabia Convene To Build Mega-City


The United States of America was a budding hub of economic growth throughout the past century. Though other countries had their share of the limelight, the post-WWII United States grew like well-watered weeds in fertile, nutrient-rich soil – good analogy, huh?

Middle Eastern countries, however, in recent years have stolen much of the full-on spotlight, namely the United Arab Emirate’s Dubai. The city has become a paradise for the wealthy, and has one of the highest gross domestic products per capita on planet Earth.

The Middle East is slated to continue its growth in coming years, especially since Egypt and Saudi Arabia recently convened to form a joint fund worth a whopping $10 billion to create a so-called “mega-city” on the Sinai Peninsula, a landmass on Egypt’s southern coast. Together, the two countries will pitch together roughly 400 square miles’ worth of largely undeveloped land.

Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman traveled abroad for the first time since assuming his spot atop the country’s throne last year, meeting with Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi. The pair of world leaders met in Cairo, Egypt’s most populated city.

Egypt and Saudi Arabia are the two most wealthy Arabic nations, with Egypt trailing the latter for second place. Many believe the meeting and subsequent announcement of the $10 billion deal was planned, just three weeks ahead of Egypt’s upcoming presidential election. Al-Sisi is hoping to capture a second term as President.

Saudi Arabia, just last year, announced it would build a so-called megacity called NEOM worth a whopping $500 billion. The area is slated to run entirely on renewable energy sources, and is hoped to distance Saudi Arabia’s wealthy figures from the dying oil industry.

NEOM should cover a landmass of roughly 10,230 square miles, covering Egypt, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia itself.

Mexican Native Steals A Lot, Lot, Lot Of Dough

The United States hasn’t been as open to immigrants seeking new places to live over the past two decades as it once was, when the country was a true melting pot of cultures.

A man of Mexican nationality that has since been deported two times from the United States was able to solicit a whopping $360,000-odd in government benefits throughout the past 40 years.

He unlawfully secured the identity of an American citizen born and raise in the country that shared physical characteristics similar to himself. The man faces 12 years in prison.


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