Egypt Has Another Pyramid

remains of it

The remains of a pyramid built around 3,700 years ago have been discovered near the well-known pyramid of King Snefru.



The pyramid from the 13th dynasty was found in Dahshur’s royal necropolis, 20 miles (30 kilometres) south of Cairo.

Excavations are still in their early stages. The experts believe that the pyramid may have been ancient Egypt’s first attempt to build a smooth-sided pyramid.

The new find comes just weeks after another group of archaeologists unearthed a 26-foot quartzite statue within a Cairo slum. It will likely go on display at the Grand Egyptian Museum, set to open in 2018.

The Findings:

 Adel Okahsa, director general at the necropolis, said: ‘An alabaster  block engraved with 10 vertical hieroglyphic lines’ was among the finds.

He added that a “granite lintel and stony blocks showing the interior design of the pyramid” were also found.

Excavation is still in its early stages and the size of the pyramid has not yet been established.

remains of it

Due to the bent slope of its sides, the pyramid is believed to have been ancient Egypt’s first attempt to build a smooth-sided pyramid.

Blocks of stones and the beginning of a corridor which were discovered are shown in photos provided by the ministry.

‘All the discovered parts of the pyramid are in very good condition and further excavation is to take place to reveal more parts,’ the ministry said.

“The hope now is to find any inscription which can reveal the identity of the owner of this pyramid. To find the name of a previously unknown queen would be an addition to history,” the archaeologist said.

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