E.Coli Breakout Is Prevalent


Fifty-nine people in the United States and Canada have become sick from E.Coli. The E.Coli outbreak is the result of contaminated romaine lettuce. According to the Center for Disease Control, seven new cases have been reported in America. Two people have died as the result of the outbreak.

E.Coli outbreaks have been reported in 15 states. Even though the outbreak has been linked to Romaine lettuce, the CDC has not recommended that people avoid leafy greens. However, they have recommended that people avoid eating romaine lettuce. Jean Halloran is the Consumer Reports food policy expert.

Jean stated that people should not eat romaine lettuce until health experts have found the cause of the outbreak. She stated that if anyone has any doubts about the lettuce, then they will need to throw it away. Most people eat romaine raw. Even if you wash the lettuce, you will not remove the E.Coli bacteria.

Health experts in Canada have stated that the E.coli outbreak is over. The Public Health Agency of Canada stated that they are no longer advising that people avoid eating lettuce. They stated that all lettuce is now safe to eat. Health experts are hoping that the outbreak will end in the United States soon.

Most people will develop symptoms within two to eight days of consuming the E.coli bacteria. Vomiting, stomach cramps and diarrhea are some of the main symptoms of this condition. The vast majority of people are able to recover from this illness within five to seven days.

However, this condition can be life-threatening in some people. Those who have weakened immune systems are more likely to develop complications. The elderly and young children are also more likely to develop complications. In rare cases, E.Coli can lead to hemolytic uremic syndrome. This is a condition that destroys the blood platelets and reduces red blood cell count. It can lead to kidney failure.


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