Drug Problem in America


Every county in the United States has recorded an increase in the number of people who have died from drug overdoses. Experts say that this has been caused by an increase in the usage of heroin and prescription drugs which have resulted to addiction. Statistics reveal that the highest number of deaths were reported in Southwest and Appalachia counties. This is according to the information that was produced by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. In the year 2015, close to 52,404 people died due to a drug overdose in America. This translates to relatively 145 people from America every day. The same statistics show that the death rates associated with drug problems were jumping at a higher rate.
For instance, back in 1999, only six people in 100,000 died from drug overdoses. The case is quite different today as approximately 16 people die in 100,000 in drug-related complications. According to Robert Anderson who is the chief of CDC, he compared the recent scenario with the one that was brought about by the human immunodeficiency virus back in the 1980s and 1990s. According to statistics, drug deaths reached their all-time high in 2014 in the same fashion that HIV reached its all-time high in 1995. At the same time, it’s worth underlining that more people die of drug abuse in the rural areas compared to the metropolitan areas. New Hampshire is another area that has experienced skyrocketing drug deaths. For instance, the area saw a total number of 326 deaths in 2014. Most of these deaths were associated with the opioid.

This is a form of drug that contains both fentanyl and heroin. Users say that the drug is 100 times powerful compared to morphine. At the same time, opioid is responsible for 62 percent of the deaths that were witnessed in America. Heroin has also not been left behind as its deaths have tripled since 2010. This is double the deaths that are caused by Cocaine. With New Hampshire being the first state to hold presidential primaries every time, residents of this area have always raised the issue with the visiting candidates. There is even a commission that was established by the governor of the state to overlook the drug abuse problem. The commission is known as the New Hampshire Governor’s Commission on Alcohol and Drug Abuse. At the moment, the commission is headed by Timothy R. Rourke.


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