Dr. Mark Holterman Continues Successful Career in Vietnam

Dr. Mark Holterman's Distinguished Career in Vietnam

Many doctors in the medical field strive for success. However, success can be measured in many different ways. While some doctors want to wow people with advanced degrees and high profile research projects, others may focus on prestigious titles or surgical success rates. While all of these factors are certainly important in a successful medical career, some doctors recognize that being a good doctor is not about personal accolades on a resume. Instead, being a good doctor is about the positive impact that is made on the lives of patients.


With all this in mind, it is obvious that success in the medical field is multifaceted. Because of this, success can be hard to pinpoint sometimes, but it is easy enough to recognize. The best doctors are able to excel on all counts. Just consider the story of Dr. Mark Holterman.


Dr. Mark Holterman started out his life modestly, being raised on a farm in Wisconsin. This rural upbringing came with its share of challenges, and Holterman learned at a young age what it meant to get his hands dirty. His upbringing taught him the importance of hard work, and he understood that success had to be won through determination and tenacity. This childhood may have been decidedly blue collar, but Holterman had higher aspirations for his own career as an adult. He pursued his schoolwork with just as much tenacity as his farm work, and he was able to gain admittance to Yale. When he graduated in 1980, he immediately set his sights on more advanced medical training. He was the proud recipient of the NIH scholarship in the Medical Scientist Training Program. With this scholarship, he was able to continue his studies at UVA, where he pursued a complicated study program for both a medical degree and a science doctorate.


This journey through school took him a long time, and he put in countless hours of work and research. Throughout everything, Dr. Mark Holterman stayed true to his commitment. When he graduated, he pursued his residency in general surgery before specializing in pediatric surgery. To complete this specialization, Holterman studied at Seattle Children’s Hospital before accepting a position at the University of Illinois College of Medicine in 1997. While at the University of Illinois, Holterman achieved tenure while seeking to help his young patients with their medical issues.


After Receiving His Education


Today, Dr. Mark Holterman lives in Peoria, Illinois, and he is affiliated with several major medical centers in the region. This includes Carle Foundation Hospital and OSF St. Francis Medical Center. By maintaining multiple affiliations with important medical centers, he is able to help more patients that need his expertise. Since he works with pediatric surgical cases, he is able to provide critical help to some of the neediest children in Illinois and throughout the Midwest.


As if his medical career were not enough, Dr. Mark Holterman has also pursued business in recent years. Given his understanding of the medical community, Holterman started the Mariam Global Health Fund. This business was designed to bring together the best and brightest in medicine, using their hard work and creative thinking to come up with important solutions to current healthcare problems. This work allowed him to galvanize important advancements in oncology, regenerative medicine, stem cell therapy, medical devices and more. These innovations do not merely help his patients locally, but they can help patients all throughout the world.


These accomplishments are impressive, to say the least. With more than 20 years of service in the medical community, Dr. Mark Holterman has earned the respect of his colleagues and the gratitude of his patients. This success is measurably pronounced. It is not, however, enough for Holterman.


Dr. Mark Holterman sees his success in a different light. His past accomplishments are not completed stories to be celebrated. They are starting points for ongoing work and development. This is why Holterman is so proud of his latest affiliation. He recently was accepted to serve as a volunteer for the International Pediatric Specialists Alliance for the Children of Vietnam.


Given Holterman’s history of helping people in innovative ways, this partnership is not so surprising (http://reporterexpert.com/dr-mark-holterman-fights-childhood-obesity-chicago/). IPSAC-VN is a charitable organization that seeks to support the healthcare system in Vietnam with a focus on pediatrics. Vietnam may be a beautiful, modern country, but its difficult past is not so distant. The Vietnam War wreaked havoc on the region, leading to a rebuilding effort that is still ongoing. While many advancements have been made, the medical community still struggles to get the equipment, training and support it needs to protect its most vulnerable patients.


The IPSAC-VN seeks to provide these essential components. To do this, the charity relies heavily on donations and volunteer support. Dr. Mark Holterman seeks to do both.




Volunteers are carefully vetted within IPSAC-VN in order to ensure that quality support is being provided. Therefore, all medical volunteers must have a valid professional license and CV. When these medical credentials are combined with a visa and passport, volunteers are matched up with various assignments within the country. These assignments can include training at hospitals, lecturing at medical colleges and completing actual surgery at affiliated medical facilities in Vietnam.


Volunteers must have the proper credentials, but they are also prepared for the challenges they are likely to face in Vietnam. Although it is not required, volunteers are strongly encouraged to purchase travel medical insurance. Because this is a volunteer operation, no assistance is provided for travel or hotel expenses. Volunteers must be truly committed to the cause, financing their own way. This allows the maximum support to go directly to the medical facilities in Vietnam where it is needed most.


This requires a measure of sacrifice that not all of the medical elite would be willing to give. Fortunately, Dr. Mark Holterman has always thought of success on a different plane. Therefore, when the opportunity arose with IPSAC-VN, he had no hesitations. He committed with a full heart, using his own funds and experience to give back to others who needed help. This affiliation with IPSAC-VN is more than an accolade for his resume. For Holterman, it is a genuine opportunity to make the world a better place.


Clearly, no matter how you measure success, Dr. Mark Holterman makes the grade. His long career has been marked by the determination and tenacity he learned in his youth. These are the practical principles that will make him perfectly equipped for the challenges he faces when traveling abroad with IPSAC-VN. These are also the principles that will continue to give him enduring success in all his personal and professional pursuits.


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