How Dr. Avi Weisfogel Broke the Mold of Traditional Dentistry


It’s Never Too Late to Change Careers

For a select few, they enter a profession that they absolutely love and can never imagine life without it. They are perfectly happy with the choice they made to enter that career field, regardless of what it is. Their passion is always there and they don’t see it changing anytime in the near future. Their professional life is exactly what they want it to be.

However, most do not have this type of experience. In fact, it is the complete opposite. We all hit a wall at some point and wonder how we can keep on doing this for the next twenty years or so until we reach retirement age. It can be frustrating and a bit overwhelming to realize all those years of preparing for this career might have been wasted.

If your mind is made up and you know you can’t spend the rest of your life doing this same thing day after day, then it could be time to finally make the change. Switching careers can be quite difficult, but if you really want to achieve a positive outcome, then have a plan in place. It will definitely take courage to do. Others will question your sanity and wonder what will become of you. However, if you stick with your commitment to a new beginning and display the courage needed, doubt will start to fade and be replaced by passion once again.


Everything in life revolves around your financial situation. If we were all well off and did not have to worry about money, we would all be purchasing big houses and taking extended vacations. But the cold reality of it is that our finances shapes all of our decisions. When changing careers, money will definitely be weighing heavy on your mind. Can you and your family survive if your new career does not pan out immediately?

Dr. Avi Weisfogel, a New Jersey based dentist, found himself in this situation. After fifteen years operating a successful dental practice, he noticed his passion for the field was dwindling. He was questioning if he was in the right career. To the surprise of many, he decided to leave his practice and open a new business dealing with treating sleeping disorders. In doing so, he spent a couple years and much money running a struggling new business. The customers/patients were just not coming in the door.

Dentist Avi Weisfogel has Made Significant Contributions to Sleep Apnea Treatment

Weisfogel had the finances to support himself and his family while he tinkered with his new practice trying to make it more prosperous. If you are looking to make a career change, you have to question if things do not go well from the beginning, how long can you go on without money actively coming in. A decreasing bank account will greatly affect your lifestyle. Even more, money is the number one problem in marriages. A new beginning with a career change could actually signal the ending of a relationship if money problems arise. The strains of financial difficulty has ruined the very best marriages.

A Change of Scenery

It is extremely important to be positive that a career change is needed. It is easy to grow frustrated in a toxic working environment. While you may believe that you would like to get out of your chosen field altogether, maybe you just need to reevaluate. A career change might not be what you need exactly. Maybe you just need a new job in a different company. That passion that you had when you first entered your profession could be rekindled in a new setting.

A Similar Career

Nothing can weigh you down as much as having to go into a job each day that you hate. For one reason or another, you have really grown to dislike your current position. However, maybe you do not need to get out of the field completely. Perhaps there is a similar position that will offer you enough of a change to make you happy.

Teachers, doctors, and other professionals often make minor tweaks in their career choice. Teachers that are getting burned out educating older students will sometimes switch to younger grades and reinvigorate themselves. While their chosen career has not switched, they are given enough of a change to make things bearable once again.

While Dr. Weisfogel changed careers slightly, it was not entirely too different. Dentists are often approached about treating sleep apnea by their patients. Sleep apnea is usually caused by some sort of breathing obstruction while sleeping. Sometimes oral appliances can be fitted for the patients to fix the problem. Weisfogel left dentistry behind to focus on creating oral devices to treat these patients that were struggling with their health. Weisfogel entered a new career, but it was still in the medical field. It was enough of a change to reinvigorate the passion he once felt.

Find a Mentor

No matter which career you have chosen, you will need some guidance. Having a mentor to turn to can make each step a bit easier along your path. Someone that has achieved success that can offer you sound advice could save you from making careless mistakes. We all make blunders because of ignorance or carelessness. You would want someone in your life to inform you of ways to stop these errors.

When Dr. Weisfogel decided to enter into the world of treating sleeping disorders, he listened to all advice. He took courses to help guide him along the way. However, everyone’s advice is not equal. He searched for a mentor that had achieved the success already that he was wanting for himself. He learned not to waste too much time listening to others that have failed before him. Not all mentors are created equal!

Don’t Fail to Plan

If your mind is set on changing your current circumstances and switching career fields, you are not alone. Hundreds of thousands of professionals want out of their jobs at this moment. If you want a career change, get on a path to exploring it. Carefully choose one that is suited to your strengths and will allow you the freedom you need to be happy once again.

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