Should Democrats Fret About High Expectations?


There is a narrative in the media right now that the Democrats are simply going to sail to victory in November. It is believed by some that the Democrats have such a lead in key races at the moment that of course they are going to take any number of seats in November. However, we have to wonder if this is really the case. Even if it is, shouldn’t Democrats be at least a little concerned that their apparent victory in November is now being thought of as such a sure thing?

These are some of the questions that a CNN panel recently asked themselves. They discussed the very real possibility that a number of people believed that Hillary Clinton’s victory in 2016 was so likely that they didn’t bother to turn out to vote at all. We can never know this for sure or what the true number of people who felt that way is, but there are definitely reasons to believe that this is possible.

Assuming that many Democrats believe that the midterms are going to go well for their party also, is it not fair to suggest that perhaps they have gotten a little ahead of their skis as it were? That is something that at least the party leaders have to concern themselves with at a moment like this. They do not want to overplay their hands and just assume that they have this in the bag. Even if they do end up winning, a less enthusiastic electorate could mean a smaller margin of victory than they otherwise would have had.

While these are a number of interesting points to consider when contemplating 2018, there are some who are less gloom and doom about Democratic prospects. They say that yes it is important to make sure that expectations are set properly. However, they also point out the fact that Democrats have a huge amount of energy in the form of opposing President Donald Trump at the moment. They have not lost their zeal to do battle with him this entire time. Instead of staying home, Democrats are registering new voters and making once safe seats for Republicans a lot more competitive. It might just be a sign of things yet to come from the Democrats and a preview of what 2018 has to hold for us all. There is still a lot of time left to go though, so hold on to your hats.


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