Dangerous Hurricane Irma Gains Strength


Those who have been paying attention to Hurricane Irma have noticed that the storm is now at a Category 5. The storm is considered one of the strongest that has been in the Atlantic Ocean in some time. Everyone along the east coast and even those who live along the Gulf of Mexico are preparing for an impact of some kind. Hurricane Irma is expected to target the Caribbean islands. They are threatened by a storm that has winds of about 175 miles per hour. Once the storm passes by the islands, it will reach the Bahamas. After that, the track is still a bit uncertain.

Florida is now in the cone of concern as there is a possibility that Irma will make a direct landfall in Florida. There is a cold front that is coming through the eastern states. This front could lift Irma up with it, which would mean that the storm would impact states that include Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina. However, there is also a possibility that the storm will continue to travel west into the Gulf of Mexico.

Anyone who has the potential to be impacted by this dangerous hurricane is being urged to prepare now. These preparations include making an evacuation plan and gathering the supplies that would be needed to last for a few days if the power goes out. Hurricane Irma is expected to be just off the Florida coast at some point Saturday. There are several variables that could affect how the hurricane moves once it encounters the islands in the Caribbean and the Bahamas, such as the mountains on the island and the high pressure that is in the Atlantic Ocean. A state of emergency has already been declared in Florida so that residents can begin to receive the supplies and assistance needed during and after the storm.


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