Commandos from the United States Military Conduct Training Exercises to Capture Nukes in North Korea


The totalitarian ruler and supreme leader of the North Korean regime, Kim Jong Un plans to increase the number and quality of nuclear weapons in his arsenal. Reports from the US military have indicated that the country’s most elite Special Forces units were conducting training exercises last month and that they have been on a high alert status. The objective of these military activities is to infiltrate North Korean soil and destroy the weapons of mass destruction being piled by the regime. These reports were issued by sources from the military that sought to remain anonymous.

The training exercise was carried out jointly by the US commando unit known as the Black jack Brigade shoulder to shoulder with their South Korean counterparts. The training was in a military camp inside South Korea known as Camp Stanley. The Special Forces unit posted multiple photos of the training exercise on their official Facebook page.
The photographs show soldiers training with armored personnel carriers, night vision goggles and gas masks used for protection against chemical and biological warfare agents.

The training depicted was to prepare the soldiers to evacuate any wounded comrades in actions and capturing the enemy combatants. According to Yonhap news agency from South Korea, the training exercise was a simulation of how Korean forces in collaboration with their US counterparts could infiltrate North Korea in case of an eventual conflict and destroy Kim’s arsenal of weapons of mass destruction. One of the Army spokesmen based in South Korea refused to give any comments about the exercise.

A former United States ambassador to the United Nations, John Bolton has said the Free world, under US leadership, would not tolerate the sale of nuclear weapons to terrorists by Pyongyang. Rex Tillerson, the Us secretary of state, has made numerous statement that his primary objective was to avoid the infiltration of US forces into North Korea by easing the tensions between the two countries. However, last week, Tillerson seemed to agree that the issues between the United States and North Korea need to be addressed hastily.

Heather Nauert, the spokesperson of the State Department, said that Tillerson had highlighted a list of four things that he would not do when it comes to how the US deals with Pyongyang. He said that the US was seeking a change of guard in North Korea contrary to the opinions of many America wanted to annihilate Kim’s regime. Nauert said that the US was trying to reunite the entire Korean peninsula to what it was before the armistice of 1953.


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