Chris Hurt Defeats three time Incumbent Joseph Host


Two years ago, a Virginia Democrat lost the love of his life when she was shot and killed on live television. On Tuesday, the Democratic candidate defeated the Republican candidate for a position in the state’s senate. His opponent had even been supported by the National Rifle Association. Chris Hurst is the Virginia Democrat who used to work with Alison Parker. The two were also lovers with Ms. Parker being killed on air back in 2015. He managed to defeat his opponent, Joseph Yost. They had been competing for the 12th House District seat in Virginia Senate. This means that he joins the ranks of the few Democrats representing the deeply conservative southwest region. The 30-year-old former reporter said in an interview on Wednesday morning that he was greatly moved by the win. He also said that he had been humbled. He further revealed that he only thought about politics when he lost the love of his life to the horrible shooting. He further said that he had to explain to his voters why he was running. Mr. Hurst, however, said that his team tried as much as possible to not focus on the awful experience that occurred to him. Nonetheless, he had to engineer answers as to why he was leaving a well-paying job and one that he loved for politics. He further said that Ms. Parker would have been thoughtful about the new path.

However, he said that he was proud of his achievements and the legacy of his girlfriend. Back in 2015 when Ms. Parker and her cameraman were filming for live news, they were ambushed and fatally wounded by a man who was identified as Vester Lee Flanagan. This is a man who used to work as a reporter in the station. Before the man shot himself, he decided to upload the graphic footage on Facebook where it caught the attention of many people. Following the incident, Mr. Hurst said that Ms. Parker was the most radiant woman he had ever met. Mr. Hurst, on the other hand, also received the backing of Everytown for Gun Safety Association. However, he didn’t make gun control a major issue. He was running against a three-term incumbent from the region. Rather than gun control, he decided to go for mental health. Some of the issues that he addressed included education funding as well as health care. He even referred to himself as a proud gun owner.


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