China’s Okay Airlines to Order New Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners


When it comes to international travel, Boeing is a manufacturer that has been at the top of the list for decades. Boeing’s new 787-9 is a great representation of the amazing design that takes place when Boeing decides to release a new plane available for airlines to purchase. China’s Okay Airlines has decided to order five new Dreamliners to add to their fleet. This agreement means that Okay Airlines will be paying Boeing $1.4 Billion in order to acquire these new airliners.

Okay Airlines made this purchase in order to further solidify their position in the long-haul market. With the rising competition in the long-haul market with airlines like Korea Air and Qatar Airways, it is important that Okay Airlines have options for their customers that will be both cost-effective and luxurious. Boeing has stated on their website that the 787-9 is designed to dramatically improve the air travel experience. A flourishing first class will give travelers the ability to purchase seats which will recline into full beds. Each seat in the entire plane is equipped with a full tv and AC power. With better fuel efficiency, Boeing has stated that the 787 will use 20% less fuel than other jets in the air today. This also lowers their Co2 output, greatly adding to the global effort to create a cleaner environment.

With Bejing’s new international airport set to open in 2019, the timing could not be better for Okay Airlines to be purchasing five new 787-9 jets. It seems as though there are many other airlines around the world that are equally interested in the 787 series from Boeing. 70 different customers worldwide have ordered over 1,000 of these new 787 aircraft. The 787 is a great option for many airlines due to the access this gives them to be profitable on long-haul routes. The 787 also gives passengers the ability to fully enjoy their long-haul flights.

The future looks very bright for Okay Airlines as they are positioning themselves as one of the larger airlines in China for years to come. The acquisition of these five new 787-9 jets shows how serious Okay is about their growth and entrance into the long-haul market. With an ever-expanding global market, it is exciting to see China pulling for a large piece of the travel market. Okay Airlines continues to be on the leading edge in China setting the bar high for other Chinese airlines.


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