Chiefs Still In Search Of QB


The Kansas City Chiefs have finished training camp at the Missouri Western State University in Saint Joseph, Missouri. The team will face the Bengals on August 19, 2017, at 6 PM in Cincinnati. Coaches with the Chefs will have to make some tough choices following that game.

Quarterback Hunt

While Alex Smith has looked decisive and aggressive during training camp, there is little doubt that this will be his last season with the Chiefs. In fact, there has been some discussion that the Chiefs would entertain negotiations for Smith to go to the Jacksonville Jaguars before the season begins. Smith is in the last year of his four-year rookie contract and will probably not be returning to the Chiefs next year.

Patrick Mahomes II

One of the things that has happened during training camp is a strong friendship between Smith and Patrick Mahomes II. Coaches have been very thrilled with Mahomes on-field creativity and the fact that he is always looking down the field. In the first preseason game,

Mahomes completed 20 snaps throwing one ball too high to a tight-end for a possible touchdown and completing another touchdown throw. On the day after the preseason game, coaches for the Chiefs announced that Mahomes would be there second-string quarterback surpassing Tyler Bray. They have also announced that they plan on playing Smith during the first half of the Bengals game and playing Mahomes during the third quarter. The Chiefs spent two first-round draft picks and a third-round draft pick to get this player and they have certainly not been disappointed in his play.

Tyler Brey Disappointing

One disappointment for the Chiefs has been Tyler Bray who has been with the Chiefs for five years. During the first preseason game, Bray completed went five for eight for 68 yards. He also threw for an interception. The Chiefs have not seen much fire from this player who has given up being the second quarterback once before in his career. It is obvious that Bray better have a good fourth quarter during the game against the Bengals if he wants a new contract next year.

Many teams wish they had the problem that the Chiefs are experiencing. They could potentially trade Alex Smith to the Jaguars giving them better draft picks during the off-season. That would allow them to move Patrick Mahomes to the starting position, however, some feel that he is not quite ready to be the main quarterback. Tyler Bray better worry about his job if he wants to continue playing.

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