Cars 3 Trailer Out Now


The final Cars 3 trailer offers so much more than just a look at Lightning McQueen back on the race track.

The official United States trailer for Cars 3 is essentially one massive preparation montage where McQueen finds a coach, goes back the roots of NASCAR by racing on the beach, and possibly even finds love. To achieve that, Pixar has put the character out of his comfort zone, such as training with Cruz in an unfamiliar training facility. And Lightning McQueen seems aroused by the “tattoo” on Sally’s rear fascia, which invites ruminations on the nature of the cars’ sexualities and reproductive processes.

The final trailer has been released for the upcoming Pixar and Disney movie, Cars 3, and once more the action is intense and the story heart-warming. This time around we get to hear a bit of Nathan Fillion’s character, who is trying to convince Lighting McQueen that his racing days are over and that he should focus on merchandising.

What we gather from the trailers:

The thrust of the movie seems to be the same as the best Rocky movies.  Lightning McQueen is starting to lose a step or two in his advancing age.  He can’t keep running with the newer generation of racecars, and every race-ending crash brings him a little closer to death.  His racing days are numbered, and it’s only a matter of time before an especially bad collision puts him out of commission for good.

After what looks like a horrific crash, Cruz Ramirez, a young racing technician, takes McQueen on as her “senior project” (ba-dum-tss) to train him to get him back on the track and outrace the formidable Jackson Storm.

The new trailer gives “Cars 3” a more lighthearted tone than what we’ve gathered from past clips. There’s humor, returning characters, new faces, inspirational quotes (“Don’t fear failure, be afraid of not having the chance. You have the chance.”) and a story centered on racing and redemption.

Cars 3 comes out in theatres on 16th June in the United States.



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