The British Prime Minister Theresa May Rebukes President Trump


The British Prime Minister Theresa May on Thursday rebuked the US president for the sharing of videos that spread propaganda from far-right group known as Britain First. The Ambassador of Great Britain to Washington made a confirmation that he had formally launched a complaint to the White House about the offending tweets by the President. The Prime Minister was cautious in her choice of words and said that she was very clear that sending retweets from Britain First was utterly the wrong thing to do for the US president.

Diplomats from the UK waited for the President to offer a sincere apology or delete the tweets but in vain. The Prime Minister tried to limit the damage to an already volatile situation by trying to stress the importance of the historical links between Britain and the United States.

An emergency debate on the floor of the British Parliament saw Members from both sides of the political divide sharply criticize President Trump. Some of the MPs said that such tweets represented the darkest days in the unique transatlantic relationships between the two nations. The debates continued as questions emerged on whether the US president should be accorded a state visit by the United Kingdom in 2018.

Sam Gyimah, UK’s Justice Minister, told the BBC that he was very uncomfortable with the prospect of his government awarding President Trump a state visit in the coming year. However, the Minister stated that determining such an issue was above his pay grade. Gyimah said that he was not comfortable with the state visit because it would be divisive at a time when the British government was trying to unite its citizens.

While speaking in the Jordan city of Amman, the British Premiere said that the UK was not afraid to say what they thought despite their long-term relationship with the United States. She said that the UK would never be scared to reprimand America and make it very clear to them whenever they got it wrong. President Trump retweeted three videos from Jayden Fransen’s Twitter account. Fransen is the First’s Deputy Leader in Britain.

President Trump would continue to add another video and urged the British Premiere to stop criticizing him and focus on fighting terrorism. Britain First is an organization that spreads hate and seeks to perpetuate mistrust and division among British Citizens. May said the group opposed the high values that Britain stands for such as tolerance, respect, and common decency.


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