British citizens plan Incredible protests As Trumps Makes Plans to Visit the UK


Protesters in the United Kingdom are getting ready for what they term as the most incredible public protests in the history of Britain. The protests are planned to coincide with the state visit of the US president Donald Trump to London after the Queen of England formally invited him. The Queens function is set to happen in the second half of 2018. The US president Trump confirmed that he would be visiting London later in the year after meeting with the British Prime Minister Theresa May in Davos for the World Economic Forum.

The event for the protests has been organised through a group on Facebook which has over 20,000 people from the United Kingdom who have confirmed that they will attend the protests. The group also says that it has an additional 61,000 members who have shown interest to attend the demonstrations that will be staged in the streets of London against President Trump. The organizers of the protests are using October 1 as the placeholder date. They have said that the announcement of President’s trump visit to the United Kingdom has just been made and that he is scheduled to make the state visit later in the year. The organizers continue to urge the protesters to be ready despite not knowing the exact date of a visit.

The 20,000 plus protesters are urged by their leaders to prepare for the most incredible protests that have ever been held in the streets of London in the history of the United Kingdom. The plans for the massive demonstrations have been on the preparations since president trump received his first invitation to visit the UK from the British Premiere, Theresa May just a few days after he was inaugurated into the office early last year. The planned stet visit triggered the creation of the Stop Trump Coalition. Which is organizing the protests along with other groups.

The planned demonstrations have received backing from comedians, members of parliament, human rights activists, musicians and celebrities including the likes of musician Lily Allen and Ed Miliband who previously served as the leader of the Labour Party. The group said that it was the right of British citizens to air their views by speaking out. The group leadership added that they were opposed to the state visit that was planned to be awarded to the US president and that they would state the biggest demonstration in the history of the United Kingdom.


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