Brilliant Croatian team Manages to Bury Argentina in their Group Stage Matches


Leonel Messi and his Argentine team have stood at the edge of a thoroughly deserved elimination. Their fate has been grabbed from their hands by the foot of their goalkeeper Willy Caballero and the frazzled tactics of their coach Jorge Sampaoli. Caballero’s ludicrously mistake has buried the Argentine team fits below the ground. A remarkable finish by Ante Rebic secured the Croatian side a position in the round of 16. Sampaoli was also to blame after he blended a squad that diminished all of their best talents. The super talented Messi was nowhere to be seen as he disappeared from the view. His chances were all a waste. Not even a single one was converted into a goal. The Barcelona tactician did nothing. He never created chances for scoring.

Luka Modric the Real Madrid midfield delivered a genius shot that got the whole stadium on their feet. Modric sealed their victory before Ivan Rakitic wrapped the show with a simple shot. Caballero was nowhere near the goal post as he was left defending with his arms open on the left corner of the post. Argentina is now hoping that Nigeria will grab some points from Iceland during their match on Friday. However, even if that happens and Sampaoli’s side thrash the African side, Croatia will still have topped the Group. Possibly, the Islanders will have rested players against their match with the Scandinavians.

Argentina’s misfortunes can be blamed for their bad luck or a decision that was not well officiated. Rebic was supposed to be awarded a red card after an offense that took place before he scored. However, Argentina should be trying to look into the long series of errors that led them to be embarrassed this way by the Croatian side. This is Argentina’s first ever defeat in the group stages since the year 2002. Also, this is a possible swift exit from the tournament since that disaster. According to many, this was their worst World Cup. It also doesn’t add up of how Sampaoli could have delivered a job that was this worse. It’s terrible. His face after the first goal went was sad. He immediately made subsequent substitutions. This move proved that he had already panicked. He took off Sergio Aguero and was replaced with Paulo Dybala and Gonzalo Higuain.

Argentina looked better as they launched series of attacks. However, the damage was already done as they suffered another two goals which silenced their hopes of proceeding with the tournament.


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