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OVME App Dr. Mark McKenna

With the world of medical and cosmetic treatments constantly changing, it is essential that healthcare providers continue to keep up with the time and innovate.

Whether it is open heart surgery or a facelift, technology has come along way over the last 10 to 15 years. Unfortunately, with the lack of unavailability of healthcare providers, it comes as no surprise that reserving an appointment to see a good doctor can often be tough. With all of us living in such a fast-paced world, it makes no sense that waiting lists are running months behind.

OVME Dr. Mark McKenna
This is no different when it comes to minimally invasive cosmetic services especially Botox. To find a good doctor to remove a few fine lines and wrinkles can be tough – especially for first-time users. This minimally invasive procedure is used to reduce the effects of aging and restore a youthful appearance. Another benefit of botox for is using it for excessive sweating which is commonly used amongst men. It can be used reduce the producing of sweat on the palms of your hands and underarms keeping you looking and feeling dry.

Seeing a gap in the medical marketplace, Dr. Mark McKenna founded OVME.

Atlanta-based OVME provides almost instant at-home and on-demand Botox services at your request. With the vision of a national chain of cosmetic medical offices and an app that has a similar functionality to Uber, OVME hopes to make Botox accessible to anyone, any time, at any place.

Dr. Mark MCkenna OVME The brain behind this incredible app is Tulane University Medical School graduate Dr. Mark McKenna. But Dr. McKenna is more than just a physician and wanted more. He said, “I worked in my father’s general practice for five years while I built my real estate company. For me, medicine was rote. I was attracted to the ability to engage different parts of my brain.”

With his drive to do more, Dr. MeKenna successfully ventured out into real estate with McKenna Venture Investments – a real estate development firm – and Universal Mortgage Lending and Uptown Title, Inc. During this real estate period, he was making more than $500,000 a year, and his business was worth between $4 million and $5 million.

After moving to Atlanta, Dr. Mark McKenna returned to his medical roots. Dr. McKenna shifted into the highly demanded medical aesthetics industry. Through this transition, OVME was created. With a knack for innovation, Dr. McKenna has found a way to adapt to a constantly changing world, identifying consumer needs and build companies that fulfill those needs. For OVME, it gives customers access to retail medical aesthetics through physical boutiques, but more importantly an app.

The OVME App 

Using OVME’s app, customers will be able to connect with freelance/off-duty practitioners who will make house calls on demand. Dr. Mark McKenna describes the app as the following, “We plan to create a network of providers across the country almost the way Uber and Airbnb do. Let’s say I’m a provider in Chicago, I work four days a week and I want to make extra money. I can log into the app and say, I can work these hours in this territory. We can connect you and eliminate a lot of overhead.”

The next step is finding licensed doctors to sign up to the app. Dr. Mark McKeen and his team have seen an opportunity to use large medical trade shows and plastic surgery society meetings to do recruit doctors. They will also target midlevel practitioners (nurses and physician assistants – state dependent) on Facebook who are also qualified to do the Botox procedure. Doctors and other healthcare providers will be scanned to ensure what the end customer is getting is the best quality and service.

Dr. Mark MCkenna OVME To realize his dream, Dr. Mark McKenna raised $4 million, led by Equity38 (an investment firm in Atlanta) to develop our mobile app as well as the first two clinics, the first which has already opened in Atlanta. But McKenna does admit to having quite a bit of competition in this field,

“Quite a bit in local markets but I don’t think there’s a national player doing it the way we’re going to do it. The competition will come from established players in local markets.”

With the success of Dr. Mark McKenna’s past business, there are high hopes for OVME. Dr. Mark McKenna’s approach to business development has been particularly successful because of his experience. With OVME his understanding of the medical components of Botox and of how to navigate through the business of business, he is sure to make this venture a success. When asked how he makes his dreams a reality, Dr. McKenna replied, “I believe in setting goals and visualizing positive results. When you truly see something happen, many times you work hard and don’t stop until it comes true. Also, I meditate. This frees my mind and allows me to keep my thoughts organized so that it is easier to bring my ideas to life.”

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