Bomb Explodes In Port Authority


People in Manhattan were jolted when an explosion occurred on Monday morning, December 11. The pipe bomb explosion took place near a bus station near Port Authority. There are still conflicting reports as to whether the bomb was in a subway station or at a bus terminal, but witnesses have described that the bomb appeared to have exploded at the underpass. There were four people injured in the explosion, and the suspect has been taken into custody. Those who were injured are not believed to be in danger of dying.

The person responsible for the explosion was wounded, but authorities are not revealing a lot of information about how he was injured. Early reports indicate that the suspect had the pipe bomb attached somewhere on his body. When he arrived at the terminal, the bomb was detonated. Unfortunately, the bomb exploded when many of the people in the city were headed to or home from work or getting the day started.

There are pictures on the internet that show various angles of the crime scene. One picture that has received a lot of attention is believed to show the suspect on the ground near the scene. The man in the picture appears to have ripped clothing, and there are emergency officials surrounding him. There are also several cuts on his chest and arms. President Donald Trump has been given information about the explosion. He could release a statement later in the day about the event. This explosion could have impacted more people than it did because Port Authority is among the busiest and largest terminals in the country. Witnesses are offering as much information as possible on social media and news networks while officers continue to investigate to determine if there are other people who could have been involved and to secure the area.


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