Basketball Players Arrested in China for Stealing Apologize


The University of California Los Angeles has announced that the three students that were arrested in China for shoplifting are not fit to play for the university’s basketball team. These basketball players were at the center of an international incident between China and the United States. They were suspended from the team after they confessed that they had shoplifted during their stay in China. The three gentlemen have been identified as Jalen Hill, Cody Riley as well as LiAngelo Ball. They only managed to come back to America after the incident was intervened by President Trump. The president had to talk to President Xi Jinping of China. These students had an opportunity to apologize for their actions during the Wednesday news conference where they didn’t disappoint. One of the most prominent of these players is Ball. He said that he would like to apologize for stealing while he was in China.

He said the fact that he was young doesn’t allow him to make stupid decisions. It was revealed by the U.C.L.A. that the three boys had stolen from three stores. This is unlike the first story that they had only shoplifted one store. The president of the United States, Donald Trump tweeted about the issue on Wednesday morning. He asked his followers whether they think the three players would thank him for getting them out of China. Mr. Trump said that they were facing up to 10 years in Chinese jails. During the press conference, the players were grateful to the president. Riley said that they wished to thank President Trump and the US government for intervening. They also thanked Chinese police for treating them with respect. The team coach said that they were good young men.

Nonetheless, he revealed that they had failed in their judgment a little. The boys could not take any questions after the conference was over. This became the first time that these boys spoke to the media since the incidence happened. At the same time, the U.C.L.A. had been closed-lipped about the issue. The team coach said that they had been warned by the federal government that speaking about the issue would have complicated the future of these boys. They would probably have never returned until they had served their sentence. The students had been arrested nine days ago after they were caught on CCTV shoplifting a Louis Vuitton store. They had stolen designer sunglasses, and this happened in Hangzhou.


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