Australian Government Condemns Men in a Crocodile Trap


The government of Queensland, Australia has released a statement saying that crocodile traps should not be used to trap human beings. This declaration was issued after a picture showed a group of men swimming inside a baited crocodile trap. The government has referred to these men as idiots. The issue came to light when the picture showing the men from northern Australia emerged online and was widely shared. Even before the photo went viral, the men seemed to be having the time of their lives. At the same time, their identities have been hidden. In the picture, the men are seen splashing around the crocodile trap. This happened in Port Douglas Marina that is located in Queensland. The picture shows two of the men smiling suggesting that they were enjoying the moment. They seemed not to care that they were swimming in a reptile infested region. However, it seems that their actions were not amusing to officials from the Queensland region. As a matter of fact, the trap that these men were playing in was not located far away from the area where a 79-year-old woman was attacked and killed by a crocodile less than one month ago. The woman had gone out for a walk from her nursing home.

These sentiments were echoed by the mayor of the town known as Julie Leu. She was addressing a local broadcast when she was asked what she thought about the men. She frankly referred to the men as absolute idiots. She further said that she was astonished by the incredible stupidity that was portrayed by these men in the dangerous behavior. In a separate interview, the Sydney Morning Herald reported that she said that she was absolutely gobsmacked. She questioned whether the men were vying for idiots of the year awards. The Queensland Department of Environmental and Heritage Protection issued a statement on Monday saying that it was looking into the issue. The department further said that should it be determined that the men interfered with the trap, they will face an equivalent fine of 15,000 Australian dollars. This equals to $11,700 if they are found guilty. At the same time, the department condemned the actions in the strongest possible terms. The department said that a crocodile trap is always deployed whenever there is a crocodile in the area. The department requested the locals not to interfere with the traps in whatsoever ways.


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