AT&T Walks away from it’s yet to be Finalized Deal with Huawei


The latest device to be developed by Huawei Technologies was meant to show the Americans how much China can do with technology. The smartphone known as Huawei Mate 10 has an advanced screen and a unique artificial intelligence microchip. The price of this phone is also captivating. Huawei intended to have a mass sale of its product in the United States. The intention, however, hit a stabling block after AT&T walked away from a deal of selling the Huawei smartphone in the American Market. According to people who sought anonymity, the partnership between AT&T and Huawei was set to be unveiled in public shortly before AT&T pulled off. The reasons as to why AT&T pulled off the deal are not yet clear. In December 2017, several lawmakers wrote to the Federal Communications Commission, raising concerns about an agreement between Huawei and an unnamed American company to sell consumer products in the US. The letter expressed the concern about Chinese espionage and the role that Huawei would play in the spying.

Even though the letter apparently left out the name AT&T, reports about it’s yet to be finalized deal with Huawei Technologies had spread widely. Huawei has denied reports that it presents any security risks. The private company claimed that its products are not only premium but also have registered remarkable global integrity. Huawei has been faced with numerous setbacks including political opposition as it tries to tap the American market. On its side, AT&T continues to fight it’s battle in the United States after its $85.4 billion bid to acquire Time Warner was blocked by the Justice Department.

Huawei sells its smartphones in the United States only that it does not have any deals with major wireless carriers in the US such as AT$T, Sprint, Verizon or even T-Mobile. The failed deal intended to establish the status of Huawei as a top maker of devices alongside Apple and Samsung. Majority of analysts say that they were not surprised by the political opposition to Huawei. Leaders from China, as well as those of US, have always suspected technology built in the other country. China has, for instance, blocked the major American internet companies from offering any of their products. In 2012, American lawmakers reported two Chinese companies as a threat to the countries security. AT&T has made the list of telecommunication companies that refuse to use products from Huawei longer. All the telecommunication companies have sited security.


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