Apple IPad Pro 2 will be soon available in the month of May 2017


Apple is one of the top rated brands for electronics and for now it is becoming more popular for the smartphone that is Apple iPhones. Apple is growing with its iphones day by day and the apple lovers are already very much satisfy with apple. Apple had launched many Ipads also and most of them satisfy all the wants of their users not only the ipads, apple had also launched iPad mini which is also one of the great things. Ipad mini is smaller than the ipads and bigger than iphones. So apple had taken good care of its users whether they want iPad or iphones or iPad mini and so on.

So today we are going to talk about apple iPad which are basically tablets of Apple. Apple is coming with its new iPad which is the iPad pro 2 and which is one of the most awaited iPad of apple. And for make the users calm, apple has announced that this ipad pro 2 will be definitely launched in the month of May 2017 and also there will be three variants for this ipad in which there are different internal storage or may be different screen sizes.

There are many strong humors also about that the iPad pro 2 will be having a bigger than ever internal storage may be of 512 GB and maybe there will be a touch bar also similar to MacBook pro. The prices are not disclosed by the company yet but on the basis of previous iPad models, the iPad pro 2 with 9.7-inch screen size will be available for around Rs.38,000 and the other with 12.9-inch screen size will be available for around Rs.51,000. There is no disclosed information about the medium screen size variant which will be of a 10.5-inch display but that will be priced between the prices of another two variants.

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