American Soldiers Die in Niger


For a dozen of United States Army Special Forces trainers, the reconnaissance mission should have been a routine with the Nigerien soldiers. On a number of occasions, these trainers and local soldiers had carried out a training mission along the Mali and Niger border. When seeking for approval for the mission, the superiors of this mission said that it was a low-risk mission in a region known for hostility and located 120 miles north of Niger capital Niamey. This information was brought to light by the United States military official who was familiar with the mission. However, the mission turned from a low mission to a deadly one on Wednesday. The commanders of the mission said that their members had been attacked by heavily armed AL Qaeda forces. The terrorists from Mali managed to kill two American servicemen and wounded a couple. This was confirmed as the first deaths that the US Military has suffered since it began counterterrorism efforts in Niger. Niger is found in the western part of Africa. This forced officials from the pentagon to express shock as death came from the unlikeliest routine mission. This also raised questions about how the Green Berets conduct their threats assessment. It has also allowed room to question the chain of command from the units that approve these missions.

Pentagon issued a statement saying that they will investigate on the number of operations that had been conducted before the ambush. At the same time, Pentagon said that it would look into whether the activities of its soldier had become so predictable that the Qaeda fighters managed to exploit the weakness. These concerns are with base considering the attack took place at a village that is located near Tongo Tongo. For starters, this is a region that had seen an increase in the number of jihadists attacking the Nigerian. This forced an operation in the northern Tillaberi area to get rid of these jihadists. At the moment, American military advisers are crucial in areas being faced with terrorism. These areas include Afghanistan, Syria, and Iraq. However, precaution must be taken in areas like Niger where vast of the land is a desert. They also have a porous border. Other than just providing support missions in these areas, the US army has to be precautions in the way they operate in such a country. The two soldiers who died are from the 3rd Special Forces Group.


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