The American Embassy Set To Relocate to New Premises to London


As the US embassy in UK’s capital relocates to new locations, we shall reflect on the plight of US envoy premises around the world. From raids at American Missions to battles and a history of sieges, US embassies have seen it all. Early next year, the American embassy will be relocated from Grosvenor Square in London. This move will mark the end of Mayfair corner’s connection that is centuries old. John Adams, the future president of the United States, was the first US ambassador to Great Britain between the years 1785 and 1788. Adams resided in a house that can still be traced back to the Grosvenor Square. Before the US embassy settled in the Square, it was housed in several dwellings all across London. It was settled permanently in the year 1938 in the Grosvenor Square. Its current location was established in 1950.

During World War II the supreme commander of the allied forces in Europe, General Dwight D. Eisenhower, located his headquarters in the Grosvenor square. At the time, it came to be known as Little America as the future United States president would meet diplomats there. In a period during the war when embassies had become fortresses for allied forces, Eisenhower and his administrative team moved their headquarters for fears of terrorism. It would prove to be impossible to set up a building that had all the controls that met the standards of the US government in the center of the ancient London city. There were also fears that if such an installation was put in place, there would be severe implications for the security of the Londoners who resided around.

The new US embassy is set to be located in a Voxhaul tower across the river. The fortifications of the facility have been kept as discreet as possible to avoid creating a public impression of a bunker. The Embassy features a pool that is also to be used as a moat. As soon as the coming year of 2018, the protective feature’s effectiveness will be tested on their ability to keep peaceful protestors or crowds at bay. This is the event that President Donald Trump honors an invitation to open the embassy officially.

It is expected that huge groups will stage protests in the streets of London if President Trump is offered a State visit to the United Kingdom. The march is planned to pass through the embassy or even make attempts to infiltrate it. Throughout history, consulates have been the target for protests and even bloody attacks if the hosts are not happy with the country that hosts their embassy in their land.


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